1. What about something that existed outside of the universe before the whole Soul King thing? Something unknown and far too primordial for even Ichibie to know of?

  2. Dude, he is that thing. He named everything in the cosmos, he is a damn god for a reason

  3. Just wondering. It’s been a while since I read Bleach (the entire final arc felt too rushed) and while I know he has powers over names, something could’ve existed before him that would be beyond his sight or beyond his capability to name.

  4. Thimgs from primodeal world like hell should but everything made in the current cosmos is his bitch.

  5. He wanted to merge souls society, heuco mundo and the world of the living in as one remade in his image

  6. No, it's all ichibei and the nobels. Yhwach has been trying to kill them since the world was made lol.

  7. It's been so long I don't know how ywach survived the original battle a thousand years ago

  8. I am talking before that, yhwach has lived many lifes. According to CFYOW he keeps trying to end SS lol

  9. What the fuck. And his highest ambition was stealing Ichigos powers or something? What a moron.

  10. It's a good question that should be asked to Kubo himself via his KLUB, but Japanese fans are more interested in who has the biggest tits.

  11. What chapter is this haha. When will we see this in the anime haha. I need to know who this character is haha lol lmaoo.

  12. He is the love. His love-love beam will make even senbonzakura his slave, regardless of gender and race all are horney for his diper

  13. didn't yoruichi say that she would kill urahara if he strayed off path or something if I remember correctly I think she said something like that in CFYOW

  14. No, she was going kill hisagi if he tried to reveal the truth, cause it will put urahara in danger

  15. Invoked is still missing cocytus, so it probably won't do much more than what's currently doing. Shiranui has the cards to be a decent control deck, abusing the new traps we got from the selection boxes. But I think neither of them will get tiered

  16. I thought Circle to 3 and Roar and Gazelle to 2 would be the play because much like the DDD hits it would nerf their tech options. Only being able to run 1 of those literally kills the deck.

  17. This deck will not be a threat guys

  18. Absolutely love it, the sub is in meltdown mode. People are fine and happy with a broken deck unless it’s their broken deck that gets hit. I certainly hope anyone mad that Salads got nerfed werent also happy when Darklord F.A, Six Sams, Shiranui, Onomats, Invoked Neos, or any of the other meta warping decks also got hit because it’s hypocritical

  19. No you dumbass. There not being ANY compensation is the issue. Give us gems or ur tickets to make a new deck. The deck is only 2 ,months old and required 2 main boxes to use

  20. More like an unfortunate consequence of the 5 noble progenitors being paranoid douche bags. He certainly isn’t “good” lol

  21. The second Kubo draws a Fem Ichigo, this subreddit will combust

  22. So not much? Byakuya is just chilling on a beach in Bleach🤣

  23. He does gets called by the central 46 and somthing something muramasa and koga becoming cannon. Oh, ya byakuya can use muramasa now.

  24. Yamamoto is still second to Natsu for me due to a lack of screentime and his most notable appearances in the story being two big Ls.

  25. according to Rukia's wiki page both she and her sister died in the World of the Living

  26. If she was an unwed mother, depending on the era, it would be considered shameful

  27. Something that I love and hate from this saga was the amount of times someone'd be defeated without releasing their Vollstandig/Bankai.

  28. He didn't die here, Kubo just skipped him due to health issues. We see he is immortal in a short story about him trying to make the hogyoku since he is the only Quincy that should be able to hollowfy

  29. To be fair, his "death" didnt even happen in the manga, but in a later published short story. I kinda hope they do end up putting that fight in the anime tho, cause that fight was an interesting one to read

  30. I think it was mentioned Yachiru helps him with that lol

  31. For side character maybe, the main cast got revenge all the time. Kubo could have easily made it the memory of Byakuya or do the anime trope where the remaining spirit of senbonzakura defies As Nodt and saves Rukia.

  32. Can someone remind me why and how the Kenpachi name gets passed around?

  33. Also she implies that she resigned very soon after fighting Kenpachi so it doesn't really make sense for it to be there during what seems to be the height of her battle fever

  34. They are all humans, and we know the bamabi's are running a cafe. All Quincy should have returned to normal life.

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