1. The number of dislikes you got for it is so stupidly hilarious

  2. They range from 5 minutes to 2 hour military college lectures. I’m not sure how deep you want to go. You can start with easy video s then move to more in depth ones. Here is a video that covers those 3 topics in the first 45 mins:

  3. You should have just given him some advanced tips and strategies but you made it so complicated. But that made me wonder, Is that really how “experienced players” play? Like, do they know this?

  4. My goal is to join him. Coalitions typically change 2-3 times per game in my experience so we’ll see 🤞

  5. I’ve just used Colombia for the first time - it has two port cities, four inland cities, and I love it. Excellent economy, ideally situated (if you have the right coalition - Venezuela could be a problem). I just love it.

  6. Yes they do, and if you think they don’t then it might be just that your war with a lot of countries or have caused a lot of casualties.

  7. Read the articles in depth while you poop. See what your neighbors are building and counter it. Even low level counters beat mid level "op" units.

  8. Great strategy. Thank you for sharing it with us 🙏

  9. Reading the news articles correctly is the one thing 99% of players dont do. Yeah its fun to talk shit there but there is so much free information there its kinda crazy. Good luck in your future games 🍻

  10. I always read the news articles because I find it enjoying but I didn’t know you could get valuable information like this. Thank you for sharing and I will try my best in my future games 🍻

  11. Your invite link expired less than one hour 😂

  12. I personally think annexing a city for increasing the production of a specific resource is not worth it. Annexing a city will increase the resource production only from 25% (occupied city) to 50% (annexed city). So if you want to increase e.g. component production of an occupied city, it will cost you 3750 components + other resources needed to annex. It will probably take at least 10 days (depends on the current city morale value) to pay back just the components you used initially. Using those resources to produce more units to expand faster is a way more superior method to increase resource production, given that you are even reasonably good in the game and able to expand without losing lots of units. And for the context, I have played all my games following this strategy and won all of them except for one, in case I have to prove that it's viable.

  13. This is was defiantly a good read. Thank you for the detailed explanation mate.

  14. I had always heard it wasn’t worth it but the last time I played I got second and the person that got first was annexing as they went along and they were basically unstoppable. Each city producing full resources and military mobilization. Made me rethink the strategy of not annexing.

  15. Wow, seems like we both got some learning to do. Thank you for sharing me your experience 🧎‍♂️🧎‍♂️

  16. Only if you want to invade the Americas or invade other continents from Americas. Also upgrade it to lvl 3 atleast so you can hold 10 aircraft as opposed to 5 at the starting level. Stack it with frigates for potential cruise missile attacks and have some cruisers and destroyers around it to counter ships and submarines.

  17. The problem with aircraft carriers is cost vs utility. Carriers are very expensive to research and build, and they're useless by themselves. You have to research and build a strong navy to keep them alive. And you have to research and build naval fighters, which also require researching normal fighters.

  18. You can do this goal when you finished everything else •Tame Giga and Griffin

  19. Never. Vinland Saga music plays in the backround

  20. At this point, just shove the whole thing. Including the balls

  21. I think it's because there isn't good porn posted here

  22. Same here. There might be downside as well though such as back injury

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