1. I just went through his whole story and why is there so much Bella hadid lol ?

  2. She’s just annoying I’m pretty sure that’s a thing Jay Shetty does with all his podcast guest.

  3. was kendall an afterthought bc this outfit is so… not as polished as the others

  4. All the looks were vogue favorite pieces, so since she’s the face of Prada that’s what they put her in.

  5. Living life in New York she said she don’t give a fuck any more.

  6. This is only giving fuel to the haters, I could literally care less about this.

  7. Here they go again first it was Justine was cuddling up with cinco, that didn’t happen. Now they’re trying to run with the narrative that she’s sleeping with him, with no proof whatsoever smh.

  8. I love Justine… I’m just get the tea cause I’m confused and I don’t get what the problem if she was her cash aren’t that close it kinda seems her Cinco would have similar interest!

  9. Idk but they’ve stated that they’re friends multiple times. But the fans are going to see what they want to see.

  10. Not trying to be funny because I love them both, but I’ve noticed over the last two days Timmy and Zeta’s Instagram followers have increased drastically. Do y’all think their account handlers purchased fake followers? Timmy had a little over 50,000 followers 2 days ago, but now he has 213,000. Zeta had over 90,000 followers 2 days ago, but now have over 230,000 followers. Did anyone else notice this?

  11. I think a fan did, it would be weird for their handler to all of a sudden buy them followers .

  12. Yes I hate that for them because zeta was already gaining the most organically, and so was timmy compared to the guys.

  13. Can fans buy followers for a page ?? because they honestly do look fake. But idk why their handlers would all of a sudden buy fake followers.

  14. Maybe both their pages got attacked by bots? Is that possible?

  15. Yeah I fee like a stan wanted them to be the most followed and bought bots for their page

  16. Mackenzie had her chance I don’t get the whole redemption thing. He should pick Courtney imo

  17. It’s always the guys that say they respect women in their intro that are the biggest players.

  18. It’s definitely more raunchy, but I miss the cbs version honestly. Everything seems off, you can’t even live tweet or have discussions because everyone is watching it at different times. That takes the fun out of it

  19. Is anyone feeling a couple or individual yet or nah? I’m having a hard time getting invested.

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