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  1. I don't get the appeal of Nihon. Isn't it basically like the base version of genji? Ik base genji is a god tier design but if nihon is good, doesn't that mean even base genji is on the same level

  2. its the japan flag colors done right on a skin. easily the best skin of the og genji model

  3. add snipers to this overkill ban and the game becomes a million times better

  4. If none of those wings are lemon pepper just unsubscribe from automatic breathing💯

  5. Just give me Dale Girbble or Burt Gummer skins and I’ll pay whatever they want for it.

  6. Its a chicken and egg issue. Remove aim assist and controller players will complain that they shouldn't be forced to use k&m to compete with k&m. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  7. lol u literally had to use kbm to compete for years but now the tables turned so kbm players are salty

  8. honestly you’re right man. tbh give kbm players the edge again. they’re getting CT in 5 years anyways sadly

  9. They are winning, so with only 10 seconds remaining, pushing the robot closer to the enemy spawn does nothing but allow them to contest. Not pushing the robot keeps it out of range.

  10. i always think of doing this in the hardpoint mode in cod because if you stay on the point there the timer stops but if you hop off and let it run down the enemy can’t contest. beautiful work from this team

  11. i tried that as well and its still not showing up. at first i thought maybe you can’t put it on smgs but it doesn’t even show up for the gun it was meant for and i went in custom again and the optic only shows when I’m on custom loadout 1.

  12. people still hold hands like crazy and definitely play a lot more ratty than before. you can still stomp them if you’re good enough but you definitely are taking more precautions towards rat players than other cods

  13. Would I still have all my progression. I’m talking modern warfare 2 not the warzone portion

  14. you do keep your progression i just installed the new wz on my pc and all my stuff is still there

  15. don’t make it seem like that, Bruce was a teen still so if cash would’ve done anything to him for that, he could’ve got locked up

  16. valid point to add: the x12 gives you the azul camo and it’s probably the best solid color camo to get besides maybe white

  17. Nah man, go check on CoDtracker under the database section and under operators, you'll see every operator skin. None are whacky as CW/VG ones

  18. yall must have forgot bo3 days there was some crazy skins back then and nobody was complaining

  19. this is one of those times where this is a pretty weird thing to complain about considering theres always cool normal skins and it really doesnt hurt the game

  20. Single shot weapons shouldn’t have aim assist. At least it should be turned down.

  21. considering you can quite literally bail out of nearly any situation unless you’re getting bukkake gangbanged by 3 kids hitting you from different angles with full mag spray weapons, having AA on a sniper needs a balance or just a removal. this is easily the least difficult game to snipe in

  22. most marksman rifles bail you out instantly especially with the aa this game has. unless you literally can’t hit a shot most fights with a marksman its a free win

  23. ur 24 and acting like a big shot on reddit. you’re too old to be trying to play pretend and be someone you aren’t

  24. i promise you arent “robert” you sound like the moment someone talks shit in real life you fold like a bitch

  25. i think its a cool map to practice having to challenge gunfights at weird angles but i hate how long it takes to get back into action after a death

  26. Lol okay buddy, I'm glad you get life validation from video games. Get a fucking life.

  27. playing games is a hobby ur a reddit nigga lmfao ur afraid of competition so u whine about everything. go talk to some hoes. ur whole life revolves around running a shitty reddit account talking about games when i come on here like once a week 😭 stfu geek

  28. It was the day chrome blobs came out and it was entertaining. Nice job stalking me from another subreddit with your negativity. Why don't you go back to crying about mw2

  29. go back to being ass. id dog on u in fort and cod nd ur takes are as bad as you are at every game u touch

  30. I disagree on the maps being smaller, if anything they are the same size or even bigger in some instances. I still see people dropshotting and jumping corners, but the jumping doesn’t do nearly the advantage that it did previously. I think the game lends more now to a slower pace, and more pre aiming of corners. Im happy to see the slide cancelling removed tbh, it irritated me to see people doing that all over the damn place.

  31. if they actually fixed spawn so i dont take 20+ seconds to get back into the fight the big maps wouldn’t be that bad

  32. this is how cod was for the first 14 years. it was meant for people who actually have jobs and lives and can’t stream for 10 hours a day and make a living finding the best guns and slide cancelling across the map to make a clip on tiktok

  33. my dad works and still could slide cancel and played almost every cod. yall just are lazy and cant adapt. take 30 minutes out of your day when you’re probably gonna be on the game for an hour or 2 anyway and learn movement it aint hard nor broken and you whine and complain just for people who have adapted to this movement to still bully you

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