Will you circumcise your future children? Why?

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  1. Eugene would never do that to matt nor ariel. Eugene is a child of divorce, he 100% knows the kids pain in the situation.

  2. he’s…against adoption as well?

  3. Me begging my friends to get ACNH so I can shower them with gifts due to me finally being pretty good with how my island looks

  4. my boyfriend just got ACNH and i showered him in gifts. He and I are physically far away and this is the easiest way i can give him gifts.

  5. no because i’m not having kids

  6. ah thank you so much!! And thank you for the recommendation and redirection!!

  7. Honestly Oatly Barista is the closest to actual milk but if you don't like that, why even bother?

  8. alrighty!! thank you for the suggestion.

  9. I was on the free lunch plan as a kid, up until my mom officially got her college degree(single mom, both of us living with grandparents) and was able to land her first job as a teacher. So this post makes me very happy

  10. and adobe would make this a subscription based service

  11. i love fated mates. when it’s done CORRECTLY . This is not correct and i fucking hate this

  12. i have my 19 year old baby bunny blanket here at college with me. I would kill anyone who touched her. If my bf threw her out, i would kill him

  13. Hey man, I don’t want to seem insensitive but it’s imperative that you don’t sleep with her while you’re in town. She might try hard to get you to sleep with her again. She might not even be pregnant. Do you have someone you can take with you?

  14. my bfs ex tried this with him, after they broke up, but he was with me by that point. she left him for another guy, but she said she was pregnant with his kid. i doubted it and told him dates don’t match up. she had broken up with the guy she left him for and was dating another new guy. she said she got an abortion, then later claimed she was pregnant with new guys baby. she, then, later claimed she was still pregnant with my bfs baby and the abortion failed. he called bullshit on it and blocked her. this is a small thing compared to the amount of shit she did to him during their relationship.

  15. i don’t understand why people do that? Im 5’7 and my bf is shorter than me. Why don’t people want to be the tall one in the relationship- just

  16. Fr. I hate these kinds of things. No offense to creators who like making faces, but goddamn.

  17. we’ve been having a non stop drought here in Mass, or at least in my area. All of the grass is killed, and we’re in a fire advisory

  18. Listen, im a gay man. But 100% love the second photo. She’s the asshole. You’re fine the way you are.

  19. going to check if my lou is on there. No one posts my photos of lou except me >:(

  20. omg that fifth photo! Priceless!!!

  21. omg another brindle!!! And he looks so much like my louie!!

  22. my own bio father forced me, at the tine 3(f) to take a shower with him, despite the fact i didn’t want to, while he was high on heroin. He then later on shoved a little girl, age 4, while i was age 6, into a washing machine or dryer and hand spun it because he was feening for a high. I suspect he r worded her because i saw the article and she had bruising around her you know what.

  23. sebby reminds me of my current bf

  24. Wait, people hate Demetrius? Who is shit talking my father in law?

  25. i married sebby and one of his dialogues says that he(demetrius) threw out sebbys comics

  26. Oh so precious!!! What a cutie!!

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