1. I would diversify into a bit of physical metal, I prefer about a 10:1 ratio gold vs silver. Be aware however that metals do not pay premiums, be prepared for zero returns on your metals for years, and possibly unfortunate losses in value because metals are so volatile in price. Precious metals I consider a hedge against paper or digital investments.

  2. Yet gold has still beaten the s&p500, including dividends reinvested, if you cherry pick the starting date of year 2000

  3. My wife is the same with snakes. We have several 4 footers in the garden, I want them there and she refuses to go in.

  4. An overwhelming number of panties thrown at you.... Chicks dig stackers.

  5. Thing is, those chicks are all gray hairs in their 60’s and 70’s…

  6. That’s true but so does investing in stocks I believe . I’m thinking about buying some the only thing that’s holding me back is where to store them and etc I know very little but I do know over the long run stocks outperform gold and silver there low roi also is kinda a deal breaker for me

  7. Silver and gold aren’t about performance or dividends. They‘re tangible assets to hold for insurance against failing currencies and uncertain times. Stocks and precious metals are two completely different creatures. With stocks, you have a paper asset, digital; and with metals a physical asset. One you can hold in your hand, the other can dissolve and ‘poof…it’s gone’ over night.

  8. Nice oldie. Interesting you keep all Canadian, I’m in the states and was getting about 1,000 Canadian dimes per month, and hundreds more from the other denoms…I had to spend them away they‘d pile up so fast lol.

  9. I feel ya For sure. I'm in Michigan so I get all kinds Canadian coins and cool different coins from other countries. Barbados, Bahamas, Dominic Republic. But this Canadian coin is the oldest I've found of Canadian coinage.

  10. That is quite the variety. I remember getting a lot of different foreigns while roll hunting. My oldest is a 1900 Victoria dime.

  11. My only experience here in Mich is I’ve tried both tomatoes and potatos in 5 gallon sized containers. I can get the plants to grow but the problem is that later in the season the soil dries out too fast even when watering daily. My potatoes grew great, but they produced so few spuds. Same with tomatoes, few fruit

  12. Preppers prefer mercs over rosies in the belief that when shtf, and everyone is bartering silver for chickens lol, their will be no mistaking a merc vs a silver or clad rosie.

  13. Pretty much it until you mentioned return on investment lol. I rolled for six years straight but it was purely a hobby, costs were largely ignored such as gasoline although I tried to combine errands with roll hunting. I ended up with well over 1,000 silvers.

  14. I figured that was the case, and I’m fine with that. As long as there’s a way to recoup the coins I don’t want to keep, this will still be one of my cheaper hobbies 😅

  15. I had a sweet setup for a while where a credit Union let me dump loose coin in $500 bags, I was even allowed into the vault because the bags were heavy. I never counted and received my cash immediately. Some banks will not accept rolls if they have a counter, if you fill the bag while dumping they just change it out. I know some hunters that dump thousand$ at a time.

  16. Seeing how they can make any policy they desire, the solution is to dump them and move on.

  17. What is up with this dude's eyes. Just seeing them makes me not believe anything he's saying.

  18. Setup a citizen’s band radio with dipole base station antenna for local radio contacts. Have also made contacts as far as 900 miles away off only 4 watts and a speaker wire antenna. Off-grid power is a 12 volt battery that can be charged by small solar panel.

  19. That‘s what‘s called a hermaphrodite, it has both sex organs.

  20. I use an alum-pickling salt-water solution and soak hides for three days, then work them soft while they are still moist. Works pretty good although rabbit hides have very thin skin so you must be careful. I’ve tanned mink and fox hides. With rabbit, I want to make a bomber hat. You can also make leather gloves lined inside with rabbit.

  21. I work it over a tied-off piece of heavy rope or even around a small tree, or over a piece of plywood board clamped in a vice. What you are doing is breaking down the fibrous part of the hide. This is the most time consuming part of the process. After I have the hide pliable to my liking, I work in an oil like Neatsfoot to the flesh side to soften it even further. Some even ’smoke‘ the skin side to give it a bit of color.

  22. I had them three years in a row until I gave up on any type of squash.

  23. Many banks absolutely dislike dealing with coin. Find a new one.

  24. Tellers cost time and money, and banks would rather be cashless to cut operating expenses.

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