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  1. Never played Xbox, let alone a controller. PC player since 1999.

  2. I'm just a weekend guy myself after the family is tucked in. Congrats to you. I think at some point we all stop driving fast.

  3. I've never heard of a bot lobby. You mean you're playing against bots only?

  4. I hate it when I kill a bot thinking it was a player. God damn it get bots out of this game!

  5. Drink. And then drink more. Sometimes, it works. Cheers.

  6. I find it amazing how loud the parachute is when you're dropping in, yet someone can drop on top of you without making a sound. That's backwards if anything.

  7. Our 16-year-old papillon (ZuZu) is sending out her cutest best vibes to your 17 year old cutie. ❤️

  8. Picked up a can of this last weekend. Just got around to drinking it last night. Really good and I'll be getting another soon.

  9. That's an idea I've not seen implemented before. I really like it. Nice.

  10. Tracking statistics should be really easy thing for a company this big. Not only were they not able to track or store the first 4 months stats, they still cant get it right this far into the games life. I'm admittedly a statistics whore and after not tracking the first season among other things It turned me off completely from grinding this game.

  11. I am still in disbelief that stats were not in working order the day of release. Smelled wrong then and stinks now. It was the first sign of all that's wrong with this release.

  12. Our papillon family sends you our heartfelt condolences. Emma was so blessed to have you for all those wonderful years. Time heals the broken heart. We are here for you.

  13. Where does the hate in her heart come from? How does this lost soul sleep at night?

  14. Can't believe he stayed open as long as he did. What a joke.

  15. Just throw however feels natural and comfortable to you mate, don’t overthink it

  16. Agreed. Just throw. Over and over and over. Time is the best teacher.

  17. Let's fix the audio issues first. Then , maybe.....

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