1. Meri because her house would be quiet and calm. Christine & Janelle’s too chaotic and messy. No one in their right mind would choose Kody & Robyn’s.

  2. Thanks for your timeline. It’s very encouraging. We are on day 2/3 with very mild symptoms so the worry is that it’ll get worse. Good to see it doesn’t have to. Good luck.

  3. The thing to keep in mind is that people are much more likely to post adverse reactions then the opposite. Unfortunately the media (both social & press) is more likely to slant negative. That’s not to say that things can’t go south quickly or that people aren’t having a hard time with Covid. I think the odds are in your favor if you are in decent health, double vaxed & boosted even with multiple risk factors. It’s such a hard balance to keep positive but be on guard for changes that need attention.

  4. did you lose your taste and smell? This is one of the worst parts of Covid :( it’s really bothering me.

  5. Day 10. Last day of quarantine. Tested negative yesterday. No symptoms other than an occasional cough which is my norm. Disinfected apartment and baked cookies. I got tired a little sooner than normal. I’ve decided not to get my allergy shot this week. I don’t think my body needs any additional stressors.

  6. I got Monoclonal Antibodies on day 4 and felt normal within a couple of hours. My test that evening was the brightest line I experienced. It kept lightening every day until I tested negative today (day 9).

  7. Day 9 and I finally tested negative! No symptoms other than my typical allergy cough & post nasal drip. I went to the grocery store (masked of course but I always mask in stores). It felt so good to be out and about. I have an outdoor picnic & swim planned for Wednesday and so happy I can go.

  8. Day 7. Still testing positive but the line is barely there. I’m feeling good exercised a little today. Only symptoms now are a lot of post nasal drip and a little coughing. I have allergies so PND is nothing new but I’m hoping this is more about my body trying to rid itself of the virus. 67F boosted 2x MAB at day day 4.

  9. Positive since last Saturday 6/25 no symptoms since Monday…Patiently waiting for a negative test…. Ugh!!!!

  10. Right there with you. Same timeframe. The pink line is very faint but still there. No symptoms other than a little productive cough once in awhile.

  11. I use a Neti rinse twice a day and I still test positive. I wouldn’t test right after using it but in my experience it isn’t interfering with the test.

  12. I’m home on the tail end of Covid. I feel for you. It’s bad enough at home but away from home would be the worst. I can’t imagine trying to maneuver around an airport while sick. I had to do it with a Migraine once and it was challenging. I’m so sorry you are facing this.

  13. I asked my doctor for Monoclonal Antibodies, she recommended Paxovid but when she checked for drug interactions 2 of my meds (1 prescription &1 OTC) had interactions so she sent the order in. I went through the same thing with the nurse at the infusion center. She really wanted me to go off the meds but I wasn’t willing to go off the prescription ones so after a lot of back & forth she finally gave me an appointment. I got them yesterday and feel almost normal today (day 5).

  14. Hi, I hear you. I’ve had so much anxiety during this pandemic. I finally decided the isolation was worst than the disease so forced myself to get out and socialize. Now I realize I’m going to have to force myself again.

  15. My nephew lived with his parents who both caught it just after vaxes became available. One parent had symptoms the other was asymptomatic. Both were partially vaxed, nephew wasn’t but he never got it. He did get vaxed and him and unvaxed girlfriend got Omicron. He had a pretty mild case but gf was pretty sick.

  16. Got the antibodies yesterday and feeling so much better. I have an occasional cough but otherwise pretty normal. Today is day 5. I’m going to test later today but I suspect I will still be positive. Bummed about all the fun stuff I’ll miss this weekend.

  17. Oh yea, you are negative! If today, is day 10 you can leave with a mask—tomorrow mask optional according to CDC guidelines.

  18. I tested positive on Saturday and developed a “croupy” cough yesterday. Felt like stuff was loosening up and I needed to cough it up. This morning I got MAB. I’m already better this afternoon. I did take a Musinex and tea with honey to hurry things along.

  19. Tested positive on 6/25. Fever & chills that night. Headache until yesterday. Yesterday developed a cough & a bit of congestion. Got Monoclonal Antibodies this morning. Took a nap and feeling better. Vaxed & double boosted 66F.

  20. My test’s positive lines have all been faint (Day 0, Day 1 , Day 3). Fever and worst symptoms so far on Day 0 &1. I’m getting MAB tomorrow so will test again on Day 5.

  21. I use a Neil Med Nasal rinse a couple of times a day and their nasal moisturizer pump. It helps a lot and you won’t have rebound symptoms like with Afrin. I’m also using Flonase sensi mist. Although I’m still a bit congested, I still feel like I’m getting enough air and am not uncomfortable.

  22. My 92 year old Mother has had both Delta (before she was vaxed) and Omicron (minimal symptoms). My sister’s 94 year old father in law survived Omicron (vaxed & boosted). I also know several women in their 80s & 90s who survived. The odds are in your grandparents favor.

  23. I’m kind of in the same boat except I’m a lot older. I can’t take Plaxovid due to my prescriptions. I’m scheduled for MAB infusion tomorrow which will be day 4 for me. My worse symptoms were the first night shaking chills & fever with headache & sore throat. I’ve been fever free for 48 hours and now just have a wet cough & intermittent congestion. I considered canceling my appointment but went ahead and tested and since I’m still testing positive I’m going to go ahead just in case I have a setback. I’m vaxed and double boosted but age, autoimmune disease and my weight make me very cautious.

  24. I’m getting MAB tomorrow. I didn’t qualify for Paxlovid due to my Thyroid med and nasal steroids. I tested positive 3 days ago but we only have a MAB clinic here once a week. I’m feeling quite a bit better and thought about cancelling but I’m still testing positive and figured better to be safe then sorry.

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