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  1. If these guys are professionals, I'm a Toyota Camry.

  2. QThe white is 3 fea de pipe is gorgeous MDPHP Has with mdphp mix Normal hasj And some 5 meo dmt meo mipt. 6 abp

  3. This is why it’s important to have multiple reagant tests available to see a range of reactions to narrow it down more.

  4. You could tell she was from Wisconsin by the way she was

  5. Yeah it was just one gallon and she only got stuffed

  6. Looks like a hangover and a half... Then looking in the mirror the next day asking yourself why... And that doesn't include the casino part

  7. IDK how fast it does but studies have shown cold temperatures degrade psilocybin the fastest.

  8. I ordered delivery last night and the ubereats app calculated tip from the total that included their own $15 in “delivery fees”. The lowest automatic tip choice was 25% of my actual food cost.

  9. My why tries to tell me Uber eats is free and it drives me fucking insane. I show her what they charged based on what they said they were going to charge... Always way more

  10. Dude jumped 30 feet before the bus even came into frame, not to mention he did a no foot can can, too.

  11. Answer: To your first question, "Is this the new Peppa Pig?", the answer is actually, yes, to a large degree! The creator of the show actually used to work as an animator on Peppa Pig (and other British shows), and he's mentioned in an interview that he created Bluey deliberately to be "an Australian Peppa Pig". But...it's not really Peppa Pig. There are some real differences between Bluey and Peppa Pig.

  12. The dream job is retirement. I'm gonna work my ass off in hyper drive to never work again. What the hell even is a dream job at this point? I've had my own business, worked in Healthcare, been an executive, sold stuff, nursing and even real estate to start with. It all feels like modern slavery. Get up, live the same fucking day over and over and have to report to people who you hate and pretend to get along. I keep these feelings bottled up, but it's really how I feel. I don't wanna have a yoga sesh at work or come to your retarded Halloween parties.

  13. No thank you, people already beg me for money on a regular basis because they can't make their own bills by themselves.

  14. Go back to '65 and just invest a couple thousand in the right stocks and you'll have a lot more than $10m in your bank account come 2023!

  15. Plot twist.... There's a glitch in the system... You put all your eggs in on Microsoft and their competitor MacroShaft beats them out and Microsoft goes bankrupt the same day the entire band gets in a plane crash instantly killing all of them....

  16. When I was a lad, I saw Poison perform in make up, and long term damage to our society was minimal.

  17. Your not doing it right... You gotta send them a random list of drugs and a wickr...

  18. I’m on methadone now but if I were to have access to pharma I’d definitely dabble always wanted to smoke pure med grade fent or have one of them loli pops lol

  19. I used to chew them, with a few Xanax bars... Then smoke crack all night... Sober 4 years. Happy to be alive

  20. I died from eating these 72 hour patches... Horrible situation... Luckily they were able to bring me back... Don't miss seeing them

  21. Thank god you didn’t say strain! Too many idiots out there calling varieties strains

  22. Fucking throw them in your mouth and chomp them up... Assuming you don't have anywhere to be or anything that needs done other than staring at the floor and trees...

  23. 3rd party staffing company recruiters.... Are sales people... When you take out the commission checks that a corporate recruiter gets... Becomes a lot less salesy in my experience.

  24. Next in line to suck these nuts! CO RULES CA DROOLS

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