1. And why do you think they should do that?

  2. Bess Flowers. She appeared in over 350 films.

  3. there’s a difference between casting the right actors and casting an actor/actress for the sake of diversity and political agenda. You’ll notice it when the film just doesn’t work

  4. How do you know when someone is cast for the sake of "diversity and political agenda?" Also, how can a film "not work" due to the color of a character's skin?

  5. if the point wasn't as shitty as it is, it wouldn't require linguistic gymnastics for some of you to defend it. When people start with "words don't mean what they mean, you're just giving them that meaning", you know they argue in bad faith.

  6. Her point was pretty simple. "If I know a man who is my friend and smart and has a PhD and even he doesn't know how the female body works, why should men in congress be legislating women's bodies?" What's wrong with that point? It seems simple and logical to me. Absolutely nowhere in her post did she say anything like "this represents all men." Nowhere. You just completely made that up yourself. You're just getting riled up for it's own sake dude.

  7. Sure it may seem simple and logical, if you're the type inclined to embrace prejudice based on anecdote. You can't infer something about person A based on the anecdotal action of absolutely unrelated person B, nor hold them accountable for it, just because they both happen to be involuntary members of an arbitrarily defined group, and I thought this puppy was put to bed decades ago.

  8. Prejudice against whom? It's established that at least some men do not understand female anatomy. How is that prejudice? Absolutely nobody is talking about all men as a group. How is that hard for you to understand? Are you that dense? Can you not tell you're making an obvious straw man?

  9. Ugh, what a terrible idea. Nobody but Robin Williams can do Robin Williams.

  10. It turns out if someone has long hair or a long beard you can cut that hair to be shorter. Simply amazing!

  11. TIL that the crew of Apollo 11 weren’t the only people to have ever stepped on the moon

  12. Hey sorry, didn’t think that far ahead. I have heard of Apollo 13, just didn’t remember it in the moment. Just didn’t know that there was more than one crew that has walked on the moon :)

  13. It's just depressing that people don't know basic human history. It's the most impressive thing humans have ever done, yet now people just completely oblivious to it? But then again, this is considered just American history usually and I'm assuming you're non-American.

  14. Reeves was the perfect casting for a comic book Superman. It’s a shame Cavill didn’t get another solo film to really show what he’s capable of because he had the look and the passion. Curious to see what Gunn does with this next film.

  15. I don't know, I don't think Reeves had the physique at all. If I had to pick the perfect casting for a comic book Superman I think I'd go with Reeve.

  16. They are all great for the world they individually represent and it's silly to compare... CHRISTOPHER Reeves.

  17. I've got to say, George Reeves is the one person I haven't seen. I'm surprised to see someone mention him as the best on here. Interesting...

  18. "A" man on the moon? Do you think only one man landed on the moon?

  19. Can they not just drink orange juice?

  20. Such a cute doggy, I hope it got lots of treats when it was done :)

  21. This has got to be one of the dumbest posts I've read on this sub.

  22. I think the fact that we have not gone back in the lifetime of most people who are online makes it easier for them to believe we didn’t go. I mean you’re asking someone born after 2000 to believe that in the 1960s and 70s we went to the moon, shot some grainy ass footage and decided to leave and never go back. It sounds wild. Not as wild as believing it’s all just made up for no reason, but still wild.

  23. I read comments on FB from these people all the time. First off, they tend to be older men, usually 40+. I don't think I ever see Zoomers making these comments. Second, they seem to almost all think we've never been to space, that any and all missions into space or pictures or videos we have of space are fake.

  24. Where is all the pictures on the internet taken by hobbyist? Quick googling only contained pictures taken by Nasa.

  25. I mean first you'd have to build a telescope powerful enough to do that, which no human so far has.

  26. I think the suit needs a completely overhaul. Modernize it. Hell, I wouldn't mind if they went for something like tactical pants and a t-shirt.

  27. They did it twice with new52. The first was part of his origin to getting the nanotech suit.

  28. I'm not sure what that picture is from, but that would be great.

  29. He meant books written by emperors.

  30. This is probably the most hilarious thing I’ve seen today.

  31. Looks like they're trying to trade Swift.

  32. Now that I know Chris Pratt won’t be Superman I will join the #Firegunn movement (/s)

  33. I wouldn't be surprised at all if Gunn cast Pratt as Batman though.

  34. I think Julia Louis-Dreyfus' son Charlie Hall would be a great choice.

  35. What if you cast a Native American for Superman?

  36. Yeah him and his GF are probably banging them together.

  37. I’d say it is/was a bit of a red flag for Lebby being that he knew going into the game Gabriel was out and that’s what they came up with? Yeah I understand it’s the players that need to execute but it raised my eyebrow a little on Lebby’s coaching.

  38. I mean they were literally playing two TE's at QB. So they were a bit limited...

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