1. For me the hangovers seemed tolerable compared to normal sickness because I understood what caused them and how long they would last. Plus I have friends who have hangovers but not drinking problems, so it makes the hangovers seem ok even though, in actuality, it's got to be seriously rough on the body.

  2. Agh, yeah... I could tolerate hangovers for sure... But now that I haven't dealt with them lately it makes feeling normal something worth reaching for. :) thank you for the well wishes! IWNDWYT! ❤️

  3. Be careful, I’ve been exactly where you are now, but then a few days/weeks later, that little voice starts in again. While you still remember that terrible feeling, and are feeling better, maybe write out a pros/cons list or an ‘instead’ list (I made one of these- its a list of things to drink / eat / do instead of drinking), and maybe clean out any remaining temptations from your house? IWNDWYT and I hope you feel better soon!

  4. Thank you! Yes, the house has been clear of temptation since day one. Seeing the pros and cons is definitely a plus in times of trouble for sure!

  5. Think of it as your body needs all its reserves right now to fight off this bug. Alcohol will just put too much unnecessary strain on your body and make it less capable of fighting off the sickness.

  6. Thank you, I need to remind myself of that! I know I would feel way worse mentally and physically tomorrow if I drank tonight. It's not worth it. I'm gonna be uncomfortable tonight, but I'm gonna treat it the healthy way. Some r&r, hot tea, and a dose of nyquil.

  7. I can relate! For some reason when I feel sick I want to drink....maybe to feel better, maybe because it feels like a good excuse. Whatever the reason, proud of you for staying strong

  8. I had a night where I was crying in bed because I wanted to drink so bad, but knew I also didn't want to drink. It was absolute mental turmoil. My husband was also quitting and it seemed like such a breeze for him (which frustrated me even more at the moment). I finally broke down and let him know I was having an extremely hard time mentally, and asked if he would take some of the stuff off my plate for the evening.

  9. That’s exactly how it felt and feels for me! Congrats on 17 days! I’ve now made it three thanks to everyone here ❤️

  10. Three days is HUGE! Congrats to you! This sub has been a huuuuuuuuge help for me. It's the longest I've been sober in a little over a year. I'm rooting for you, and looking forward to your posts! IWNDWYT.

  11. It really is such a change for the better! Also, I'm sorry if your ear is hurting today :(

  12. Thank you! And yes they are! ❤️ So much better than a guilty inner monologue.

  13. Good morning SD. Life is getting better. IWNDWYT! ❤️

  14. I read the daily diary on the i am sober app, it helps to look back at how crappy it was and how quickly it got better (2 months) i really appreciate the "i tried to moderate and failed" posts, because it's stopped me attempting to moderate, if I could moderate i wouldn't have gotten in this mess. I wish i had started the diary a week before I'd given up to read (not that I've forgotten yet) how bad drinking was.

  15. This! I'm definitely starting to gain some free time. It's so crazy how drinking can take away so much, including spare time! I'm the same as you, really looking forward to some warmer weather so I can get out and about with my kids and dogs. IWNDWYT! ❤️

  16. Thanks for this wonderful post OP 🙂 you have spoken the words I couldn't☺️

  17. I can relate so much to that feeling! It's hard to overcome, for sure. I'm proud of you for making it through! That takes real guts ❤️ IWNDWYT.

  18. This is the way! Enjoy the steak and shrimp! I could definitely dive into some of that today!

  19. This made me smile! High fives to you both ❤️ IWNDWYT.

  20. NEVER be ashamed of rage eating dumplings. We do what we gotta do.

  21. Great job!! Stories like this are great motivation for me to start living my life the same way, Thanks a lot for sharing 👍

  22. These moments are what kept me going early on. I took the family down to the game (no tickets, just came for the festivities). We ended up and "tailgate town" and I kept thinking how glad I was to be there with my son and not off in a corner grabbing beers

  23. Isn't it great? Sunday we went to a neighborhood party and there was a guy who got a little too drunk... I kept thinking to myself "I'm so glad I'm not focusing on where the next drink is coming from". I was able to play with my kids and see their faces light up when we won the game. It was wonderful. IWNDWYT! ❤️

  24. You go momma! Hope you have an excellent day at the library! :)

  25. I had a similar experience at my neighborhood superbowl party... There was a guy who got pretty wasted, he kept drudging in and out of the party and was way out of it. At one point I saw him laying on the kitchen floor (spins, I assume... Been there, bud).

  26. I know this feeling all too well. Try to be kind to yourself today.

  27. I appreciate your reply. You're right about the baby steps because I often try to tackle the whole mountain at once and get so overwhelmed. Thank you for helping me rethink my approach ❤️

  28. I completely get that, I'm the same way! Sometimes taking a step back and being easier on yourself really does wonders. I'm sending good vibes to you!!! ❤️

  29. That's a really cool story, congratulations!

  30. I'm feeling you on this so much ❤️ this weekend with my kids was one of the best weekends I've had in a while. It was so nice to not be hungover or gritting my teeth until it's an "acceptable" time to drink. Yay for sober weekends! IWNDWYT

  31. I live in Kansas City as well. I feel you my friend!!!! You got this.

  32. High five to you! That's awesome! IWNDWYT! ❤️

  33. This made me smile, and reminded me what I'm working towards :) hip, hip, hooray to you!!!! IWNDWYT!

  34. You've got this! Keep yourself busy and that number will climb surprisingly quickly. IWNDWYT!

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