1. Is it produced by Rainbow? Or by Nickelodeon?

  2. Rainbow. They bought back their 30% from Viacom so hopefully it means the end of the Nick Era

  3. To me, "yes". It represents the beginning of the end for girls' individualism. It's just horrible to see Musa's hair getting longer just for the sake of this transformation. Just how it's awful to see Bloom abandoning her casual look to wear that "fru fru" dress. Also, hair look pretty similar one another, apart Flora and Tecna nobody retains her distinctive bangs. Plus, I dislike them having the very same type of shoes and gloves, while in Magic Winx each girl had her distinctive accessory and an unique pair of boots, reflecting her powers (Tecna's boots matched her wings, Musa's looked like the shoes worn by punk rockstars, and so on).

  4. Just gonna point out, Musa’s hair doesn’t get long for the enchantix. In like the first episode she tells the girls she is going to get her hair spelled. That’s why it’s long.

  5. They did that to accommodate the audience to her having longer hair for Enchantix.

  6. Aisha, but I should have been lesbian then.

  7. Catroons still have an effect on young and impressionable children. Few 6 y/o's aren't gonna understand how anatomy works. That being said, clothes have nothing to do with that and if they so desperately wanna change something "for the kids" they should include body diversity if anything 🤷🏼‍♂️

  8. Yes indeed. I can understand that a child can be traumatised by some scenes (such as the hideous hag in "Snow White", or the Butter Man in "Pinocchio") but hey, Winx are dressed just like some people at the beach!

  9. Yup. Plus, crop tops and shorts or short skirts are becoming trendy again. So it's not unseen either

  10. Exactly! When I was a child, I had a Barbie clothing set, including crop tops and short skirt / short pants. My parents gave it to me as a Christmas present. I loved it, because that way I could dress my Barbies just like the girls I saw, during summer, at Riviera Romagnola when I went on holiday. Nothing scandalous nor malicious!

  11. Why are all breeders morons? Size of hips is irrelevant because hips will dislocate and the pelvis will break if necessary to birth.

  12. Yeah right. I have very wide hips, though I'm sterile, since I had ovaric cysts and cancer!

  13. Move away from her! She sounds like a psycho (not even a rigid Catholic because my mum is, yet she completely understands my point and would never insist on me finding a boyfriend / husband and having children). But whether or not she is a psycho, move away and make her see that she hurt you. Unless she is a complete egoist, she will understand she's losing you for a mere whim... Does she love a whim to the point of losing her daughter for that reason?

  14. This makes me think how lucky I have been being an Italian child.

  15. They were pointless! They just danced in a childish, ridiculous way as the Winx defeated the Trix.

  16. Why introducing fairy animals, when Winx had already Love & Pets? This way, the message is just awful: you can buy a pet when you want it, only for getting rid of it as you don't like it anymore.

  17. Please, tell me it's a fake account.

  18. Said that I don't know what Reverse-Flash is, but your fairy isn't cursed at all! She has a great design. Please, don't stop drawing!

  19. Ma vogliamo parlare del fatto che l'alluvione a cantiano ha avuto l'effetto che ha avuto per via anche delle coperture nude delle piste da sci? L'acqua ci ha scavato fossi di anche due metri in alcuni punti. Ma la cosa é stata tenuta ben nascosta ovviamente.

  20. Aspetta, cosa? Puoi spiegarmelo per favore?

  21. Grazie! Non ero più tornata sul monte Catria, perciò non sapevo. Spero si divertano, a sciare. 😡

  22. The worst part, the one that pisses me off, is that C-section has no total anesthesia. I had several surgeries with total anesthesia due to ovarian issues, and I think it would just be awful to have a section and see it all with your eyes, just because "this way you can immediately meet the baby".

  23. Le ferie hanno senso quando chiudono le scuole. Ogni tanto dimenticate che molte decisioni sono "famiglia-centriche". Comunque non so nella tua azienda, ma in molte si può comunque lavorare anche quando l'azienda sarebbe ufficialmente chiusa per ferie, accordandosi

  24. Ma se anche le scuole spostassero le vacanze, il problema non si porrebbe, le nuove ferie invernali sarebbero comunque "famiglia-centriche".

  25. Ha senso, tanto più che in prossimità della Pasqua avete pure la festa patronale.

  26. Innanzitutto la realizzazione: Non puoi noleggiare un costume? Puoi trovarli su Internet, oppure in qualche negozio a tema!

  27. During the first three seasons, Stella grew up a lot, learning to not lean only on her appearance and to be more kind towards the other. Well, they made her look like a child in further seasons! I know the show needed a comical character, but they only ruined her.

  28. A tutti coloro che osservano che si chiami in effetti “espresso”; si chiama così perché veloce da preparare, in contrapposizione alla moka. Non perché sia veloce da bere…

  29. Anche perché io l'espresso lo bevo in un'eternità, visto che in molti bar te lo servono praticamente incandescente e se mi ustiono poi impreco per tutta la giornata!

  30. Son come te, non so come fa chi come mio padre, che se non è bollente da ustione dice che è ciofeca

  31. Addirittura mi sembra di ricordare una teoria secondo cui il caffè debba essere non caldissimo e la tazzina calda.

  32. So now Winx Club has only three members? Musa, Tecna and Aisha have their own club?

  33. It's implied Brandon is from Eraklyon, Timmy is from Zenith, Helia is from Lympheia, no idea on Riven (though I'd presume he's from Melody)

  34. Timmy isn't from Zenith. There's a Season 6 episode where he first meets Tecna's parents (Electronio and Magnetha) and they threat him like a guy who has never been to Zenith (for example, they explain him how Zenith people are usually multitasking, performing more than one task at time).

  35. Bloom: please, leave her the naive yet curious girl she was in the first two seasons! Se kinda became an army general!

  36. Sono molto simili al Marchigiano sud!

  37. Milano è Milàn ma è maschile, non femminile

  38. Vero infatti mi viene in mente che dite "Milàn lè un gran Milàn" (mi scuso per eventuali errori ortografici) che tradotto sarebbe "Milano è UN grande Milano".

  39. I think Icy x Bloom, Stella x Bloom, or Aisha x Bloom would be fantastic!! Maybe even Diaspro x Bloom from what I've seen and heard in the Winx Comix.

  40. Diaspro x Bloom is my favourite! It can be inspired by the song "Beautiful liar": they see that Sky cheated on them both, so they ally and...

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