1. hit them during the farm transition and harass them when they want to go out for food. Punish them if they place the farm near the berries with all the villagers gathering with your Longbows.

  2. until Castle: Chinese with Grenaries

  3. thank you for pointing that out

  4. i thought you were joking for real. America wasn't even started to be colonized within the timeframe of this game.

  5. nice, that is very fast. I couldn't reach that rank in about 5 times that many hours. Congratulations, keep it up!

  6. every time (no exception) I played on Boulder Bay I encountered HRE in Diamond rank.

  7. if you're a Rus main, you probably wanna try and check Vortix/Luci rus build on holy island. Fairly sure it would destroy HRE on boulder bay.

  8. thank you for the advice. Getting early harassment as Rus is pretty effective, but in my rank I struggle at keeping up the pressure later on.

  9. sounds great, keep it up! If you have any questions, let me know. I'm not a Mongol main, but played them a few times

  10. "everyone who doesn't support me is either woke, stupid or both. I demand and I deserved been treated special, even though just everyone else is a special zoomer snowflake. For some reason I'm not as popular as I deserve, maybe talking down other content creators help."

  11. I thought that was obvious and common knowledge? Guess what, the sky is blue, 🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  12. last time I talked to your mom, she agreed that she didn't know that. So I guess you are wrong.

  13. Are you a ghost whisperer? Cuz that's the only way you could've done that, 🤣😂😂🤣🤣

  14. It survived, nothing else attacked it. I'm assuming it a rounding from bonus damage or something. like 20% x something leaves a decimal. Same thing happens with abb Tc's costing decimals of stone.

  15. yeah, had that happened with a 0 hp cavalry unit once. But I don't know how that could have happened. I realized for example that relics don't give 80 gold exactly (apparently) if you have 3 relics in a monastery.

  16. I understand that it isn’t always black and white. I know its just my opinion, but i don’t and have never liked the idea of trade even existing. Trade isn’t even really trading any resources. It just generates resources after the initial investment. If trade actually traded like the market does maybe I would be ok with it. But infinite resources never is fun to me. I know it would require major changes, but I think the game would be better with major changes at its base. I don’t think they will ever happen, but I wish.

  17. farms grant infinite ressources as well, as well as relics, sacred sites, huting cabins, some landmarks, English farms especially, pit mines, Ottoman automatic construction, etc. So arguing "I don't like infinite ressources" is not effective enough.

  18. Uh, this wouldn't work because the first drop-off would be instant, because the market is right next to the trade post.

  19. which I think is part of the game mechanic and so not easy to fix

  20. Are you seriously trying to make excuses for this BS? Sometimes this sub kills me. Literally you’re staring at evidence how broken this is and you’re like “oh I don’t know, LTP”. There should be no, none, nada, zilch, never, zero circumstances where villagers can run away from cavalry, full stop.

  21. that's why there is charge. This is a niche case I haven't encountered once in about 800 hours of play time.

  22. Not so much, it’s countered by their drop off costing 100 wood instead of 25.

  23. 25 is for french, the rest pays 50

  24. not in AoE 4 because they lack dedicated bonuses and since the Ovoo nerf they don't have enough steam to mass produce units early on

  25. happened to others and me as well. I disabled this because of the bug from the chooseable map pool

  26. Thanks mate! It does help! I see you have a good system for yourself being you played aoe2 it's pretty much second hand now to you. It's neat to read everyone's different configurations for this game, there's so many! But what stood out is when you mentioned ctrl + q,r,t,s to have everything on one side for one hand. I'll admit I have my keys all over and it's annoying hitting 0 or y or 8 or m. I recently had someone tell me of a mouse mate that had numbered buttons on it which was different. I haven't purchased it yet as in I wasn't sure if I'd get use to freeing up my left hand and using my right to click and select some numbers haha. I believe it was 1 thru 4,5 or maybe up to 6. Have you seen this? I wonder if players use this.

  27. nah, you can just crtl certain things and alt + others if needed.

  28. Yeah idk it’s just a useless tech at this point. Price in combination with having to buy extra scouts to ferry deer is insane.

  29. it works pretty well for Rus against certain matchups when there isn't much military on the map, but you have 6 scouts.

  30. Idk the payoff to reward is so bad imo. 350 resources plus 70x5 for scouts, for a total of 700 resources to then risk it picking up deer and hoping your scouts don’t get sniped. This is ignoring the mental tax of managing the scouts too.

  31. the idea is to get deer directly under the town centre to minimize walking time for villagers while increasing it for the opponent mid term and opening him up to harassment while making yourself safer instead.

  32. Yes, this game is super Europe heavy. Just look at the play counts by time of day

  33. Abbasid is kind of a strange civilization. They are strong in many departments, and can even be quick to act. They however seem to be mostly a reactive civilization and I have always wondered why.

  34. good point. The advantage of keep making cheap town centres with cheap villagers that build cheap farms while having good trash units is just too strong. Other civs get much more from raiding in certain matchups than they do from booming. Abbasid can even do trade against other civs booming.

  35. it sounds cute, innocent and beautiful. That what's Ilalu all about.

  36. there are most likely more players now playing team games

  37. Any reason why there are more players playing team games now versus the past?

  38. constant updates with meaningful changes

  39. I'm honestly surprised they didn't do that instead

  40. I guess this is a balance decision. Akinjis are just not as known as Sipahis nowadays.

  41. I picked this game up durring the winter sale, at the end of season 3. I'm in love with it.

  42. if you are looking for things to improve, please point out which matches exactly were big question marks for you and in which way.

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