1. Yeah, stoner humour is the very essence of her checks notes intricate, layered, subtly angry shows about patriarchy and menopause. It's an absolute hallmark of both her work and that of her husband checks again Stewart Lee.

  2. Three (four?) tasks from s14 were adapted from NZ's second series. But as I always say when this becomes an issue, the vast majority of TM UK viewers won't even know TM NZ exists (see also: David Correos appearing in the Christmas advert for Celebrations for the second year running)

  3. That’s based on an American show called The Mole who had its first two seasons in the early 00s. Both very good. Hosted by Anderson Cooper. They cancelled it but Netflix has them and just rebooted it with a new seasons a couple weeks ago with a new host.

  4. There was also a British version of The Mole that ran for a couple of series on Channel 5 in the early 00s which I think are on YouTube.

  5. "The secret ingredient is... potatoes you've met before"

  6. As with many thngs, the answer is "because they just did".

  7. Paul F. Tompkins is going to be on next week's Taskmaster podcast...I'd love him as a competitor, but I'm kind of curious how he might work as a TM Assistant (perhaps with a Conan-esque kind of person as TM?)

  8. I know this is the wrong way round for their main project but would PFT as TM with assistant Scott Aukerman work?

  9. What's the process behind getting the TM call-up? Do you just get a message from your agent one day telling you to get some clothes ready, or are you made aware well in advance that you're on their longlist, or did you have to drop hints to people, or what?

  10. They still haven’t given us the last season’s Christmas episode in XL have they?

  11. Maybe there... just isn't one? I never got why people here have been so upset over the last year that a Christmas episode wasn't shown at a time other than Christmas, but I honestly think the BBC and Talkback see the XL episodes as handy schedule filler rather than the be-all and end-all, or else all the shows would be 45 minutes long.

  12. If you think gender parity had been achieved and one casting (of a non-binary person who seems OK with she/her pronouns) has wrecked it all then you've got a lot to learn about how the comedy industry operates.

  13. I hope she has some idea of what this is a reference to otherwise she's going to be greatly disturbed.

  14. I love how it sounds increasingly Adam Buxton-like.

  15. How did Cuddly Ken slip my mind? He'd have been magnificent.

  16. You'd be heavily disappointed in Frankie Howerd, he had to have every last supposed ad lib heavily scripted and rehearsed.

  17. People have got really upset since that episode about something other than their favourite getting five points, when not giving Sarah full credit would have been callous beyond Greg's TM persona at best.

  18. Remember that series 13 aired in April so they are juggling two series at once, filming, editing, live shows, etc. so that there are six months between filming and airing doesn’t surprise me

  19. When did those photos from the s15 task filming come out? Because the studio records were in November and the series probably won't air until April.

  20. Yeah this definitely wasn’t featured in the show, perhaps they’ve cottoned onto us looking out for these moments and are playing a cruel trick

  21. Or they liked the image but whatever task it was part of didn't work out well enough on screen/in the edit.

  22. I don't think it dropped off, I don't think there was a hook there at all!

  23. Yeah, there's something attaching the clock to the door but it's clearly not a hook. It's almost as if the comedian decided in advance to do a funny running visual gag.

  24. Got my wish with Ivo Graham this upcoming season. Hopefully, Cariad Lloyd comes on the show too. I can already see her being great at the creative tasks.

  25. Cariad might be just about perfect, especially with her grounding in improv.

  26. A full realistic (well it’s not that realistic, because there’s no way Kitson would do it - but I can dream) lineup for you:

  27. Thanyia was one of the people responding to Fern's IG post so she's keen if those on the show are.

  28. Could you please explain what he did? I rewouded multiple times but didn't get how to open the door.

  29. He somehow opened the padlocked scissors just enough to get the blades round the string.

  30. Talking of the intro Dara on the escalator never made it into the show, which I imagine was because the task didn't come out very well otherwise but it feels like for having a whole Gatwick terminal to play with they didn't feature it much at the end of the series.

  31. I was a bit disappointed with the grape task. Showing my bias (again) I thought it was done better in TMNZ. The UK version seemed too easy. I didn't like the shortcuts.

  32. The thing you have to remember about the reused tasks is the vast majority of UK TM viewers likely don't even know there is a TM NZ.

  33. Another alteration on a New Zealand task! Been waiting on the Grape Escape making it to the UK taskmaster

  34. I will be rooting for Dara or Morgana. I really hope they are on a team together for some task. I feel that they could work well together with maybe sarah Kendall. Those 3 could beat any other team of 2.

  35. They came out as nb in April 2021, I'd be very surprised if the lead time on shooting the house tasks is more than 18 months before cast announcement.

  36. They were recorded in the summer as someone spotted Jenny, Mae and Ivo taping them.

  37. Assuming that you are serious and not making a joke, she is Jenny Eclair. Was fairly big on the standup circuit in the early nineties.

  38. I imagined she'd be the one most non-British people on here wouldn't know of as she's not been on the panel show circuit for years but yeah, she was one of the few female stand-ups to break through in the 90s.

  39. They knew the broadcast dates well in advance so they could have booked guests for the pod ad soon as they got them

  40. Sarah's been on tour in the UK and North America recently, and IIRC she had to cancel some recent dates due to illness.

  41. Dara: wait what, bone prize task, just overall being a fucking points machine, his travelator mirroring task, feather in the bath, ooh my baby

  42. One way or another everyone had a standout/baffling moment in the song and play tasks.

  43. I think Alex/Adam would be aware that people know how long it was commissioned for and would have announced if it had been renewed yet, but they're not at the end of the contract yet and I can't see Channel 4 cutting their losses right now.

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