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  1. As I was getting ready to get step off at an Amtrak station, the conductor looked at my Bills hoodie and said, "So what do you think? He looks like a young John Elway back there!" That comment stuck with me, it's not an exact comparison but maybe the closest of the classic legendary guys we think of (edit: this was in 2019)

  2. I remember when Dallas focused heavily on the O-Line around Tony Romo, like they made it their bread and butter there for a while and it worked pretty well, as I recall

  3. If you show Davonta Smith's insane one-hander yesterday to anyone on Earth that watches any sport, they'll tell you with a straight face, "Yes. He caught the ball. It is a catch." But not in the NFL. Refs take a lot of heat but I agree here, if we can't figure out what a catch looks like, we might need to rewrite the rulebook

  4. I love the huge spectrum of personalities the league attracts. You got farm boys, anime nerds, musicians, rocket scientists, it goes on and on (edit: Williams is absolutely hilarious.. Dunno how realistic it is but I'd love him on our team, he's pure entertainment)

  5. Looks like we're gonna be the Colts, guys... Peyton Manning had to wait quite a while. Some of his offenses were borderline unbeatable & they stacked up A LOT of wins, but the team couldn't get it done in the postseason for the longest time. However, the organization was well-run and had the talent to give themselves a real shot year in and year out. One of these times we're gonna break through. When we finally get ours, it's gonna be so great

  6. Before the 90s Bills went on their 4 straight appearances we took some tough Ls in the playoffs back to back years and one of those was to Cincy in an AFC Championship to go against the 49ers in the Superbowl. We only scored 10 points in that game too, 21-10. The next year the Browns knocked us down in the divisional and people were questioning Kelly and the D and the O, and if Levy was the guy. Then they went on to have 4 straight opportunities because they never quit trying to figure it out to get back. This team is competitive. Theyre relevant and theyll be back at it again with a young crew and more XP. It sucks but i have faith in these guys to figure it out and im proud of what they did. And at least theyre not gonna be a shit team in Madden for another year lol

  7. As a younger guy really studying my team history during the last few off-seasons, I can easily imagine what you're saying regarding tough losses before going the whole way. The similarities between the two teams and the way it's playing out now are uncanny. Just like last time, they're gonna have to pound the door a few times before they break it down

  8. Yep. Avoided spoilers for two days which was very hard to do.

  9. Dammmmn dude I waited like 16 hours to watch Week 4 vs New England in 2018, no spoilers, I thought that was crazy. Well done

  10. Buffalo and Cincinatti will forever be bonded through charity, solidarity and passion for the game we love.... except for 3 hours, and only like, every so often

  11. Man does our team have SWAG or what... those high-five handshakes, sliding around in the snow, Ed Oliver fucking with the skycam... "Who has more fun than the Buffalo Bills??"

  12. I love seeing how the team inspires creators. That Rubix cube portrait of Damar was INSANE, and so is this!!! Lots of good stuff lately. Pokémon cards, phone wallpapers, snowmen, love seeing all the different forms our fandom takes

  13. I have this Bills watch that has had a dead battery in it since 2020. The team arrived at a new level that year and have been there since. You're welcome, everybody. It's always 10:10 over here but I refuse to replace the battery for fear we'll go back to single-digit-win seasons. Edit: yes I do wear it all the time lol

  14. I really like watching Ekeler. First player I ever thought, the way he runs and hits people looks just like Fred Jackson

  15. I feel like being a fan is an important lesson in eschewing expectations and enjoying things for what they are. We didn’t win 4 SuperBowls, but we WENT to four SuperBowls. We had meaningful football every week.

  16. Well said. It's why I'm excited and not nervous this week. I would've said 90% chance Buffalo SHOULD beat Miami, this one I'd say 50/50. Their dudes can play some football... but they're thinking the same thing about the Bills. We're in for a really good game

  17. Yeah that was a rough one. I literally don't think about it on purpose. When it comes up I think "yeah Josh had a hell of a game and everyone knows it," then move on as quickly as possible

  18. Who cares if teams are scared? Josh threw for 350 yards and should’ve had more.

  19. I'm scared of Gabe Davis. His demeanor is extremely unsettling, who on earth is that chill all the time on an NFL team. He must know something we don't

  20. Josh Allen is the man, the myth, the legend. A true underdog 3 games away from taking Buffalo to a level they've never been. Get us that Lombardi and he'll be immortalized.

  21. Fuck yeah, if Nick Foles gets a statue then so does our boy lol... crazy to think too, he would become the single greatest athlete in Buffalo sports history

  22. I also listened to that and have similar thoughts... Enjoy it now. Whether we win or lose on Sunday or in Arizona, before we know it, all this will become nothing more than a memory. That's the tough part, not even a painful loss but the conclusion of the season itself, right? We never want it to end. I'm here to soak in every second. Might win it all, might miss the playoffs for 17 years straight. You literally never know and so I don't take this for granted at all. Let's go Buffalooooo

  23. They have to mail Bill Belichick a dildo autographed by Tom Brady… the Holy Grail.

  24. I just pictured dildos raining down among the snowflakes next year rather than snowballs

  25. Yoooo they just said Tom Brady looks like Josh Allen out there... I know, they weren't being extremely serious but yeah that's a thing that just happened

  26. Right, just sounded neat to hear someone say it on a broadcast regardless of seriousness

  27. Gray is what every hair on McDermott's head will be in two weeks' time if we keep doing this shit 😭😭

  28. In that fashion, sure... He joked about his heart rate and hairline a couple weeks back after a close win, I'm kinda piggybacking off that

  29. I guess this week I learned people in here care WAY more about national opinion than I thought, and certainly more than I do. "A win is a win" and we are three away from a championship, I don't care how it gets done or who says what about it

  30. I would've been overjoyed with a Bills-Vikings Super Bowl. But that would mean one of us would go 0-for-5, and I wouldn't want that for ANY fanbase

  31. Touchdown Jesus will be back. But then he'll disappear again

  32. I'm excited about the rivalry reborn but very relieved we don't see them again for a long time... I mean as a fan of football itself I'll give it to the Dolphins, they were an absolute headache this year. It's really tough to play anyone 3x in a season, but that McDaniels-led group gave the Bills all they could handle. I'll give credit all day, Tua also

  33. Idk, maybe but MAN is our house LOUD. My gf kept mentioning it during the Miami home game. Even on TV it's just this constant, absolute wall of sound when the opposing offense is out there

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