When we sleep, waves of spinal fluid wash over the brain to remove waste

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  1. It honestly looks like it’s just the model seeing that the layer lines go in multiple directions

  2. This. Those lines aren't the result of "layer lines." Rather, the 3D model itself must have limited resolution or was designed with those lines. Layer lines won't occur in multiple directions like this model has.

  3. Phenylpiracetam Hydrazide, Alpha-GPC, and Ginkgo Biloba

  4. Just to clarify, infectious mononucleosis is widely known to be caused by Epstein-Barr virus (EBV). Not everyone shows symptoms if they have EBV, but EBV has been linked to numerous symptoms and related pathologies. Neurological effects of EBV vary on a case by case basis, and are not well understood at this time unfortunately.

  5. I have a masters degree in medical physiology and worked in a neurology clinic full time for over 3 years. Although I could see where you be confused regarding the link between CSF metabolites and narcolepsy (where orexin is observed to be deficient due to autoimmune destruction of orexin-producing cells), OP's article is not clearly linked with the pathophysiology of narcolepsy. I'd rather others with narcolepsy not be misinformed by your claim; that's all.

  6. I understand all of that, but what correlation does this have with the article with respect to the cerebral "washing?"

  7. Daily alcohol use is associated with cognitive decline

  8. How much would a print of this quality cost?

  9. I generally charge ~25-30 for a custom like this

  10. Also, dementia is a disease process that actively kills brain cells. I see it like a cancer that eats the brain. And although drugs can mimic these effects, I have a feeling theres way more then benadryl going on. I think it's diet, environment, toxins, and genetics.. ofcourse if your a drug addict that's different, as your killing yourself slowly if drug overdoses don't kill you sooner.

  11. Neurological clinician here. Dementia is NOT a "disease process that actively kills brain cells." Try not to spread falsehoods to the people on this subreddit.

  12. Could you please tell me how to get tested for early-onset dementia/Alzheimer's? Thank you.

  13. Typically, you need a referral to a neurologist. We use Mini-mental status exams (MMSEs) to evaluate for cognitive dysfunction severity. However, much of the time, the family of the patient is able to contribute to a working history of the patients potential cognive impairment. There really is NO PRACTICAL test to "Tell if you have Alzheimer's disease or not." One option is to take out part of the brain and examine it under a microscope... which is not something ANY practicer would even think about doing. The other option for determining if Alzheimer's disease is present is performing a VERY expensive PET scanning technique, which is not suggested.

  14. Look up oscillopsia. I have constant, very subtle oscillopsia and jaw-"beating" (basically my jaw tenses and relaxes autonomously, in line with my heart-beat) both of these are extremely subtle. However the oscillopsia makes reading difficult after a period of time, because it's tiring for my eyes to constantly try to correct themselves.

  15. Yes, mine was like this. This is pretty consistent with many people's brainfog symptoms.

  16. What the hell. This is MEGA copyright infringement.

  17. if you want to check out the card and some other stuff,

  18. Let me know if you want to print and sell holographic proxies :) Here's an example of an art by B98x:

  19. I first saw this and immediately thought Violet-Eyes Twilight Dragon was a fusion of Red-Eyes Black Dragon and Blue-Eyes White Dragon. I like this archetype idea

  20. I printed a holo orica of B98x's art of a card kinda like this.

  21. Oxiracetam, phenylpiracetam are the most potent that if tried.

  22. I fasted for 48 hours a few days ago, but it did not improve my brain fog. My problem is primarily due to cervicogenic muscular pain

  23. Neurologist here. There are a number of blood tests that are used to determine the cause of RLS. The ones that are vital include: serum iron, serum ferritin, vitamin D. Often, antidepressants increase the likelihood of RLS. Medications that I often use include ropinerole and amantadine. These are ineffective if a blood level is low for one of the measures. There is no direct correlation between having RLS and brainfog, although individuals with anxiety/depression/psychiatric disorders have a higher likelihood of brain fog, and medications used to treat these disorders increase incidence of RLS.

  24. Love your work, out of curiosity what printer do you use? Is it super expensive to print this way. I just started making oricas, but damn do yours look clean AF lol

  25. I print the backs as well. The cheapest machine you could purchase to get this quality would be about 3-5k. But you can literally print whatever you want on whatever flat substrate you want. And yes, I print the backs as well; no layering involved.

  26. Thanks for the info, makes me feel a bit better about the work it takes to get even close to that without one. I would have to sell a ton of cards to get a ROI for that lol I'm assuming you use it for some other purposes (potentially work printer) The technology looks awesome though can't wait for this to be commonplace in however many years

  27. I use it for printing on holographic cardstock, canvases, acrylic, metal sheets, etc. It's quite easy to make the money back with it if you have any sort of following and are experienced with tech and photoshop/design elements.

  28. This is called oscillopsia, and I have the exact issue. Do you have any pre-existing eye-issues or wear glasses?

  29. "Study" was a typo, they should say "stutter"

  30. Muscular tension and constricted nerves stemming from the upper back and neck

  31. Thanks! Which book is this taken from? Would like to have a look...

  32. look into acid reflux if you have this pattern and get treated

  33. Also, bruxism and tinnitus are common conditions associated with SCM pain

  34. Just throwing a wildcard out there, those with MS are effected by heat (sometimes cold too) but heat generally worsens cognitive and physical symptoms, could it be that you feel better in the evening because it is cooler? Just a different angle from the usual

  35. I can confirm those with Multiple Sclerosis MS feel worse in high heat. Although, MS should be diagnosed by a neurologist clinically and verified with MRI with and without contrast. I'm guessing the majority people on this sub reddit do not have MS.

  36. Yeah I think it would be super cool! You can look at my holographic proxies on my posts

  37. SFN having nothing to do with brain fog is incorrect. Sounds like OP may have autonomic neuropathy with which brain fog is very common. There are no studies on the effects of autonomic neuropathy on the CNS but it is a common symptom

  38. Please refrain from assuming autonomic neuropathy is the same disease process as small fiber neuropathy. SFN is a subset of autonomic neuropathy. It is true that some subsets of autonomic (poly)neuropathy involve brain fog, but small fiber neuropathy, which is generally classified as a sensori-autonomic polyneuropathy, is very atypically involved with brain fog.

  39. Neurologist here... small fiber neuropathy is by definition varied in severity and can have many causes, although most cases are caused by diabetes or are auto-immune mediated. SFN has essentially nothing to do with brain fog, and there is no cure for it, only management of symptoms.

  40. Yeah, my brain fog was intensified by about a factor 3-5 whenever I had even a single beer. Vodka had a much lesser effect (even if the same about of alcohol was consumed). So I can confirm this.

  41. Massage does wonders for me especially around the vagus nerve. Have you seen damage in the vagus nerve in your patients that show those symptoms?

  42. The vagus nerve has a multitude of branches, and is rather deep. Typically damage or trauma to the vagus nerve is fairly obvious, depending on the location of the damage. I could go into detail, but ill save that if it is asked specifically.

  43. Thanks for responding. How would you treat damage to the vagus nerve? I would pay out of pocket if it made sense

  44. Well the only realistic treatments for vagal nerve trauma depend on the cause of the damage. Typically nerve decompression is one of the very few treatments, but pathologies of the vagus nerve generally are metabolic and thus don't respond to decompression. Thus, medications that influence autonomic function are used to control symptoms. Again, brain fog would be rather anomalous for vagal dysfunction.

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