1. Body shaming can never be a joke. Playing with your feeling and makes you embarrassed about yourself is not funny

  2. Periods. They are natural and not to be fee embarrassed about it. But people around us always make us feels as if we are curing trough any disease, or something very bad is happening with us.

  3. It was life changing for me. I started using LemmeBe Z-cup(medium). They are just fabulous, no more stained underwears, no frequent changes. Sometime I forget that I am on my periods.

  4. How nicely you have portrayed it. When all people out saying why the hell periods trouble me, I don’t want them and you make it feel like woww…a super thing on earth.

  5. I think yes you can wear,their is no harm in it. I always use period panties for such days. No waste and reusable.

  6. This is sexual abuse. You should speak to your mom and tell someone. Your childhood is getting ruined. You don’t deserve to live like this.

  7. Always said yes to the things which I really don’t want to do, later regretted, slowly it has become my habit to please and I am not able to stop myself, trying, but then I have a feeling of guilt that how they will and all sort of things.

  8. My daughter started her nursery in September and in between she has fallen sick for a month, and still in between she is having cough, running nose. So doctor says this will remain for almost 2year, there immune will get stronger by the time. So all nursery kids face this .

  9. If it’s too much you can’t bear than it is not, there can be any other issue, if it goes for more days you should visit you gynaecologist.

  10. It usually caused by a temporary drop in levels of the hormone oestrogen. This is quite normal.

  11. Yeah, this is so normal at my work (sorry), that I feel like the odd duck out. Basically, my boss (female) and HR lady both looked at me weird, like, "Why would you want to take more time off than 3 months?" and my other female coworkers live to work at the office. Not a typo: they live to work at the office, not to spend time with their families.

  12. I have also felt the same, their looks make us feel like we our doing something wrong.

  13. I think the point is that we should support each others decision even if they are not the decisions we would have made. Goes both ways.

  14. Your period late because you ovulated later than normal. A period starts about two weeks after you ovulate. So when you ovulate late in your cycle, your periods gets delayed.

  15. He helps me in getting groceries, cook meal wash utensils. Take my baby out for walk.

  16. I can feel and comprehend what you're saying. I am a working stay-at-home mom, and some days I am so triggered that I despise myself. I get so angry at times, and my child has to bear it. Now that I've started her nursery for 2-3 hours, I'm feeling a little more at ease.

  17. Loving yourself means, accept your flaws work on them, treat yourself better, don’t let anyone else make you down. Try working on yourself.

  18. There are many reasons behind irregular cycles. It can be body weight, exercise, poor diets, stress and irregular sleeping patterns. It’s been so long you are having irregular periods. You should once speak to your doctor about it.

  19. Always saying yes for things, ignoring red flags, was thinking they are nice to me at some points so it’s fine.

  20. Prepare yourself for sleepless nights, cold tea, no more going for pee alone, there will be always someone to company you.

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