AITA for moving in with my dad after he and my mother separated?

I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.

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AITA for asking my daughter for help?

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AITA for telling my husband’s daughter to stop calling me mom?

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AITA for refusing to get rid of my pet because she makes my mother in law uncomfortable

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  1. Agreed. As a manager, even if OP hadn't left, I would have been upset that sis brought someone to me unprepared and looking a mess. Sis was going to look bad in the boss' eyes no matter what OP did. She only made it worse by confirming it was intentional with the laughter. That for me would take it from a write-up straight to firing her. If anything, the boss is too forgiving by only cutting hours.

  2. Sis showed her manager that she is willing to show disrespect to the manager (time wasted), the establishment (using her workplace for a "prank"), any customers in at the time, and her colleagues (intentional distraction during their shifts), solely to boost her own ego and humiliate her sibling.

  3. NTA. I have an orange cat and frequently tease him, saying things like “wow, you’re so fat!” or “did you get a turn with the one brain cell today? No? Didn’t think so.”

  4. I always say you can tell the pets I am closest to by how much I insult them. If I love something enough to know their every flaw, be willing to share those flaws with others, and yet smack anyone who looks at them askance, that is pure love.

  5. I don’t blame her, but I also believe she should accept 50% of the blame? A relationship failing is on both people

  6. Dude. So if you ever get cheated on, you're going to take 50% of the blame? If your spouse has unprotected sex with someone else and gets them pregnant while you are pregnant, and while grieving for a miscarriage, you think you'd share equal blame?

  7. Well now they can learn and live with the truths that you don't owe them anything, and that actions have consequences.

  8. Hahaha it’s so wild what people covet in white elephant. One year we found a thrift store pop up that was selling Christmas sweaters for $1. And people fought over the Christmas sweaters we brought at the multiple white elephant parties we attended. They were more coveted than the beautiful sandalwood fragrance and hand crafted wood art piece our friend made. You never know what people are going to be into.

  9. I've never owned an ugly Christmas jumper. I would fight to the death in a white elephant for one.

  10. Honestly we still have so many. Since you call it a jumper, I’m guessing you aren’t in the US. But if you want to DM and it isn’t crazy expensive to ship one to you, I would be honored to gift you your first thrift store ugly Christmas jumper.

  11. I love your generosity, but I will not make a stranger pay postage to New Zealand. Lord, how postage rates hate our existence!

  12. I mean, it's your life so you should be honest about who you are.

  13. Unfortunately some parents never quite get their head around the fact that their children are neither miniature versions of themselves nor possessions to do as their parents wish. The idea that their child is their own person, and will develop into someone entirely themselves and owing no control of their lives to their parents just will not compute for them.

  14. Heck nah, saftey first! Yeet him out. NTA

  15. The customer is always right in matters of taste.

  16. You poor sweet summer child–the prisons are absolutely filled with mail openers. The other prisoners hate them, and they're lucky if nobody finds out the real reason they're in. Wardens will often put "stamp lickers" into solitary (or "the hole" for those in the know) just to keep them alive.

  17. She goes into it in the article. A lot of pressure from family and physicians so she stopped her transition.

  18. Ah yes, because when we see financial abuse we should clearly try to make it the victim's fault.

  19. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I'm 5'2" and petty for sport. I tell people "God knew my heart and literally built me to NEVER be the bigger person!"

  20. Also 5'2, I like to point out that I was simply built for elbowing people in soft spots.

  21. Where was the team, here? OP had his own errands that he tried to palm off on his daughter, then got angry at her for not feeling he owns her time.

  22. No he said that. All my mom wanted was to cut out the sky and zoom in. She couldn’t cut her out even if she wanted to without ruining that particular picture

  23. If your wife said something like that about your mother, even without thinking she was there, how would you react? Would you say nothing and carry on with the conversation, or be upset?

  24. Also if she their mom is 30 and one of them is 14. This means she had the kid at 16!?!? With a dude who is 25 years older than him. What is going on!?!

  25. One wonders if Joy is getting her stepchildren gifts to the value of what she buys her own kids. Because, you know, she's old enough to treat them all equally.

  26. I really do wish we saw more South Asian representation on Drag Race. I feel like there's such a stigma within that community to be LGBT, and a lot of racism towards South Asians, to the point it's often not even thought about when a racist comment is made.

  27. So your "I know because personal experience," a sample size of one, is apparently more statistically reliable than a comparative study with a sample size of 515?

  28. I’m blown away by all these Y T A comments. If she doesn’t want to be called ‘mom’ then that’s the only thing that matters. Jeez, if it was the other way around and OP wanted to be called mom but the kid refused, the tone shift would be immense.

  29. I think the reasoning also needs to be taken into account - OP feels it's a replacement situation and there's an inherent feeling of disrespect there.

  30. YTA. You're an entitled AH for not accepting her very generous offer and expecting her to do even more. Your counter offer is laughable and she would be an idiot if she agreed to it.

  31. That OP thinks "you should just pay off my debts" is a counter-offer is mind boggling.

  32. YTA and let's be real here. You chose to say 'man up' because he wears dresses and you think that makes him less of a man.

  33. To be fair, he also says "the group chat is dead" when he means he's not part of the new ACTUAL friends group chat.

  34. Multiple tours! She's been to my city three times since her season was airing.

  35. Jesus, I hope the poor thing has had a chance to just relax since filming!

  36. Oh, I love this. You are very talented, and I'm glad you got to meet Cheddar to gift it!

  37. She’s not used to being outside unless on a harness and leash like a little dog.

  38. Please, please tell me there is footage of her being walked in her harness. This is vitally important.

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