1. Generally speaking they are as powerful as they are made to be, hell they are even used as princeps for the Psi-Titans.

  2. Oooh, the Psi-Titans are new to me, I haven't heard of them until now. They look very cool, I'll look into them.

  3. Essentially they are a secret titan class known mostly by the inquisition, their first use was against an Eldar Craftworld becaude the Eldar titans were just untouchable. When the Eldar layed eyes on the Psi-Tians they supposedly screamed and cringed at the pure "wrongness" of it.

  4. Was there any update to this? Currently having the same problem right now, just closes Blender.

  5. Also let me try to clear this question up a bit. Do you mean date someone who did vote for Trump in the past but no longer supports him, or just outright anyone who voted for Trump period?

  6. No, just because most med8a made has been set in the era of 40k, when the Emperor is a corpse sitting on a throne. Nothing exciting or worth animating has ever happened around him.

  7. That and because even before the Horus Heresy he never had a single appearance, his primarchs all said he looked entirely different to the descriptions the other primarchs would give.

  8. Strip and repaint is always an option! For Bryn the Mighty!

  9. Weeeeeelll doesn't have to be, maybe a Ultramarine successor chapter who thinks it's a successor of the Salamanders.

  10. Where do you get these models? Are they prints or is someone making them?

  11. Thank you. All my Fureans titans are named from those who fall under their guns.

  12. I have a Warlord named, Matriarch of Ruin and another Warlord named, The Ashen King

  13. To be honest I flicking love every part of warhammer 40k

  14. If you want to learn more about one of the main Imperial characters id read Belesarius Cawl the Great Work. Talks about the man himself and gives us a glimpse into how Tyranids invade a planet. Also a few more things im sure you'd enjoy.

  15. To see the universe is to be blown away by it; to feel small and helpless. But, I then realize that I have a gift from God that not even the brightest star has; to be able to look upon the universe and see its beauty.

  16. Death Korps only and We are not short on numbers as well. There are nearly 30 million Soldiers on this planet

  17. I also need to mention that Death Korp soldiers are also artificially mass produced. Literally the entire planet of Krieg is dedicated to the sole purpose of churning out soldiers with no fear in the face of death.

  18. I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. Tbh if No Man’s Sky can be rehabilitated after engaging in naked false advertising an actual good game like Darktide will be fine

  19. The No Man's Sky bit is getting a little old, ye it's a live service game but that doesn't mean it needs to release in a state that will get fixed a year later.

  20. It's anatomy confuses me and I wish to stomp it with my giant robot stompers

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