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  1. Spot the countries with "strong men" as leader.

  2. Okay that makes more sense. Since she's around the age of my dad. And born in the same area. Thanks!

  3. Insecure people need others to do what they do to justify their decisions.

  4. Maybe they’re just talking about it because it’s funny? I don’t listen to this show but not everything is a grift or for exposure b.

  5. Grinding.. yeah it’s hard work turning up to a conversation drunk and interrupting everyone.

  6. I swear BGL described her as an attactive woman in her 50’s…. Water weed dune

  7. NTA yeah be a man. Tell her it’s my baby as well. I’m going to be in that room, if you’re lucky I’ll let your mom in.

  8. I manage 3 in addition to mine. It's really easy.

  9. You can add her to yours. It’s relatively clear when you activate the test.

  10. Again? I suppose because he’s a cool character and we didn’t get to see that much of him in the RDR game. The idea I suggested is mainly new characters, just Landon tying it in.

  11. An idea for an RDR3 protagonist I had. Let me know what you think…

  12. Well if they can work then why not? Why should others be forced to go to work to pay for them not to work?! Plus having something to do and some sense of purpose is good.

  13. Guess I’m not British enough because I have the latest chip

  14. That whole chip thing pisses me off. I’ve already paid for a test but now people that got a test later than me continue to receive updates…

  15. Dude on the right like “that a gun in your trousers or are you just pleased to see me?”

  16. I am 37 and I worry about having kids and condemning them to a much harder life than ours.

  17. Being a 25 year old and knowing the state of the world I'm inheriting is terrifying, it saddens me that I don't feel like I can have kids without feeling guilty knowing what I'm possibly condemning them to

  18. What makes you say this relative is on your mothers side? They can only be an aunt or a half sibling with the information provided.

  19. Well Dutch suggests that it’s Abigail after the Saint Denis bank job. Edit: who downvoted me?! …he does!!

  20. I’m on playthrough number 4 and to be honest after chapter 4. I look forward to the epilogue.

  21. Something that adds a little merit to this theory is that Red Harlow has the same scarring as John. Maybe Red Dead is a fictional book based on/ inspired by real Characters. Much like the RDR games.

  22. As an epilogue character. Not as a main character though. Knowing a character won’t die takes some of the fun out.

  23. I think a completely new protagonist but playing as Landon in the epilogue

  24. Maybe a reintroduction of Red Harlow? Playing as him in the main story then moving to Landon in the epilogue.

  25. Maybe I think some people say Red Harlow isn’t in the same universe or that he’s more of a myth, but I like the idea of it being a retired lawman turned bounty hunter that knew Landon Ricketts. Maybe our protagonist taught Landon a thing or two and made him the gunslinger he became.

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