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  1. I say this with love….. that boy has got some ears.

  2. Haha, those radars got passed down too, thankfully I’ve missed out!

  3. I agree, I believe the latest that this could’ve been taken is the early 1890’s, he was born in 1870

  4. He was so young looking! I hope his time in the service was uneventful. 💙

  5. Fortunately it was, he recently passed away at a good age :)

  6. Is he 15 in this picture? He looks too young to be in the military.

  7. I believe he would’ve been in his early 20’s in this image, he was stationed in Germany at the time :)

  8. I believe the picture was taken when he was in the Army at some point during the 50’s, it would’ve been from when he was stationed in Germany, thank you for asking! :)

  9. That’s amazing work, thank you very much! :)

  10. That’s amazing! Thank you for your effort!

  11. British War Medal on the left, silver, so GGDad was an officer or NCO. Other ranks received a medal struck in bronze. Far right is WWI Victory Medal. The red white and blue ribbon is the 1914 1915 star. So he served through most of the conflict.

  12. He fought in the North African theatre iirc, never knew he was an officer though, thank you! :)

  13. Thank you for your response; there’s a good possibility that they’ve been mixed up a bit, I have a few other ones which he’d received and the Victory Medal is one of them! As for the star I’m not sure if that one was from WW1 or WW2.

  14. Thank you! That’s miles better than anything I was expecting! :)

  15. He looks like he’s in a prison uniform

  16. 😂😂 old soccer kit, looks like a prisoner uniform now you mention it

  17. What is the file extension of what you are trying to upload?

  18. I’ve tried .zip and .txt, no success with either

  19. I’ve tried both .zip and .txt, had no success with either

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