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  1. This is absolutely mind blowing! It's so pretty and knowing how time consuming and how much material that takes I only can take my hat off for your aunt. You shall never get it dirty and keep it forever 😍😍😍🌸

  2. I keep everything she made for me like a treasure and I hope they last near forever

  3. Oh wow - I went to see the cherry blossoms with my mom and we saw you there! She pointed your dress out to me and we were talking about how it was so well made and wondered how it was put together.

  4. Are you for real!? I can’t believe how small this world is. I’m glad you went to the festival, it was so beautiful there

  5. It’s more like “ Annual saving needed” What a joke!

  6. First look I thought it’s a $3000 studio in NYC

  7. The dress is beautiful! The place where are at is as well! What place did you take the picture at? 😮

  8. Thank you so much! This pic was taken during my recent trip to Vietnam. This town is an ancient town called Hoi An, the whole town is lit up by silk lanterns every night

  9. This is my new favourite crocheted clothing item that I've seen on here. Gorgeous textures and shapes.

  10. Thank you! I gotta go tell my aunt right now. She must be so proud hearing your kind words

  11. Some people could have kids, doesn’t mean they should though. Poor little one will not have a healthy life

  12. Cool. I saw this on Amazon but some people say the buttons fall apart. What do you think? Are the buttons good quality?

  13. The buttons that come with the press are not good quality, the press is great tho

  14. I thought it was half chest, shoulder, arm and a black cape

  15. My aunt creates her own patterns and most of the time I saw her literally free handed as she knit, keep on creating as she goes. Idk how she does it but I have a collection of sweaters from her and none of them looks like each other

  16. Awesome! Any tips? I have a small one like the July picture but it hasn’t really grown in the months I’ve had it. It flowers but that’s about it. I want mine to look like your November pic!

  17. To be honest I do not have a green thumb, I get lucky with this one. All I’m doing is having it near my window and water it once every week with one shot glass of water.

  18. Quick question, when you say with one shot glass of water do you mean a 1 ounce shot glass? My String of Pearls is constantly in the “eh, its okay” zone and Im looking for all the tips and tricks ahaha! Thanks! Yours is a proper beaut <3

  19. I love Mazda and I think you have one

  20. You know you can’t trust the person who holds the scissors that way…

  21. I made a list of 20 songs from these comments and now I’m depressed

  22. A contagious smile 💕💕💕💕

  23. Yes it is. Fairplay is also a cute little town

  24. I once had my purse stolen with my phone, camera, passport and a good amount of cash (I was going to a doctor appointment without any insurance). The thief called the last number I had called- my sister’s and blackmailed us. We said we only need the memory card from the camera since it contains all of our family photos, they can keep everything else. The thief hung up, never called back. That trip was also the last time I saw my grandparents. People can be awful but that was just too cruel.

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