1. on behalf of the mexicans, please do not every use the upside down question mark every again. twat

  2. part 6 crew, anasui murdering two people, weather report accidentally turning a whole town into snails: we'd like to introduce ourselves

  3. I want to see the white scars primarch just kowabunga out of nowhere and be back in the game.

  4. Imagine how it would be if for him literally "nothing happened", as we know that time in the warp is not consistent he may have not even aged a bit.

  5. Existieron pero no vendieron nada, ademas de que games workshop sigue sin aprender a hacer caras

  6. No existieron nunca. Lo que existió fueron space warrior mujeres que esas no vendieron nada. Pero en ese entonces no existian ni los marines ni los primarcas, solo eran generales no primarcas

  7. 1: fuera del lore gw no tenia buena suerte vendiendo figuras femeninas y el publico de la epoca no lo iba a recibir bien, esto antes de que existan los space marines y los primarcas

  8. This. Mirror it by dating her 19 year old girlfriend. See how that’s going

  9. The mapuche people are still fighting till this day.

  10. Somehow I doubt they just decided to burn their own trees just for fun.

  11. I think I read somewhere that the blue tint means they're pissed off and about to attack. Could be mistaken

  12. I don't really care about the watermark. It's just a little thing

  13. I've lived abroad in a couple different places, and there are sadly many cultures where young boys are treated like literal princes and allowed to wreak havoc. The parents think it's good that they have so much energy, etc etc..

  14. If you are being serious and arent just trying to look tough on the internet. Then you are an idiot with anger issues. It's not the kids' fault, at that age they can't be expected to understand what's going on. It's entirely on the parents

  15. Pero le están agraciendo a la madre por pagar y ahí dice que es ama de casa a tiempo completo.

  16. You're wrong, stuff that's supposed to be scary is not odd, it does not belong there

  17. Yeah I wouldn’t be so sure of that statement.

  18. Leonardo DiCaprio should obviously be made fun of for being a creep, but isn’t he only half of the equation? It’s not like he kidnapped a woman to date, she’s consciously making the decision to be in a relationship with him. Maybe I’m missing something, did he know this lady before she became an adult?

  19. Como le cuesta a las mujeres reconocer que el problema es su pareja no puede ser...

  20. Son 2 razas distintas, los deceptixons nacen con armas en su cuerpo, los autobots las tiwnen que robar o construir

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