1. Boots, and footwear more generally. It makes such a big difference to hsve good quality boots. They're more comfortable and last/wear much longer. Socks are equally important.

  2. I find memory foam mattreses a bit annoying if you like to change positions, they resist you in a way a conventional mattress doesn't.

  3. Anything over 20 kHz is termed ultrasound, which is still part of the acoustic spectrum. Just because humans can't hear it doesn't mean it isn't sound. Sound (acoustics) is simply pressure fluctuations in a medium, regardless of frquency.

  4. I'm happy with the idea of ultrasound, but this starts an order of magnitude higher and runs another beyond that. I guess I don't have a better term to use, so I suppose it's technically correct.

  5. I've used an ultrasound system that goes up to 1GHz... Believe me, it's still ultrasound.

  6. I've no idea what you'd be trying to do vibrating things at that sort of frequency but I believe you

  7. I was serious, I'm not sure about the microwave idea, that sounds wrong, but most battery chemistries improve with heat to a point. It doesn't recharge them, just makes what is left work more efficiently

  8. Idk what flair too add. I suppose I do love some drugs - this one I haven't taken ever. Ill most likely do research tomorrow before drinking the tea.

  9. My flirting with Datura in my 20's rates amongst my list of least pleasurable recreational drug experiences. Don't do it alone.

  10. and Australia .. but who's counting, right?

  11. If Japan is a part of Asia, then New Zealand is a part of Australia.

  12. Australia is a continent all of its own. You might want to check the definition to understand why New Zealand isn't part of the Australian continent.

  13. That receiver has a digital input that is coax aka RCA. You just have to find it.

  14. I'm not a fan. My only interest in it is taking it off.

  15. If you're not supposed to inhale cigar smoke, what are they for? Dummies, ie pacifiers?

  16. You ingest the nicotine through the mucous membranes in your mouth

  17. This is something that no one mentions. Cigarettes don’t change someone’s behavior enough to make them a threat to society. Nor is tobacco a drug one can overdose on. The scheduling system is somewhat flawed, but the idea that Tobacco should be anywhere near meth is silly

  18. While I agree with the spirit of what you're saying, you most definitely can overdose on nicotine.

  19. I don't understand. How do you smoke eggs? How does that work?

  20. Does the smoke permeate the shell? How, when they're submerged in soy?

  21. I never understood this thought. If this some form of population control, or whatever the case may be, wouldn’t the vaccinated be wanted? Like they listen and obey. So if the vaccine kills everyone that got it, wouldn’t that be pointless? So the only ones left are people that are openly against government regulation and mandates? I’m not saying one way or the other is right, I’m just genuinely asking if it makes any sense.

  22. If there is any conspiracy here it works the other way around. The virus kills, the vaccinated are protected. You tell people to get vaccinated. The virus is released to weed out the non-compliant. It's the more obvious conspiracy, but not to the independent thinkers apparently.

  23. They were inarguably more self-reliant. How well they were informed is a moot point. The people were smart enough to know when to revolt hundreds of years ago. Technology dumbing people down is the reason why.

  24. Inarguably? Really? I think you have an idealized view of what life would have been like in 1900.

  25. Someone found this a few years back. It's fake. Staged the clip is also on ig somewhere

  26. Really? It's pretty good then, that guys laughing and taking the piss seemed pretty authentic to me. I'm easily fooled apparently.

  27. You forgot to mention legal supply as an advantage ..

  28. Memes aren't copy righted? Edit: a meme by definition is something that is copied and repeated by multiple people. You literally CAN'T copy right that. A singular, original, work of art is covered, but that isn't what a meme is.

  29. They are covered by copyright law like any other creative work

  30. Eye contact promotes a sense of closeness and intimacy.

  31. I agree, I think this sub is full of people who are willingly being played and have become unwitting assistants to the cause.

  32. Although matchmaking often feels bad, true vanguard actually proved it works pretty damn good BU making an alt account. If I recall within like 3-5 games it recognized his skill and he was already back in his normal lobies seeing familiar players he faced in his main account.

  33. Recognised his skill, or recognised his connection?

  34. I'm just imagining the interesting variants that NK might end up unwittingly producing ..

  35. Personally I think it's unacceptable to NOT have any hobbies as you get older. I'm in my mid 50's and still play video games, amongst maybe a dozen other active interests and hobbies.

  36. It's Americans. Apparently cats can damage the ecosystem in the US (or possibly just part of it, I find it hard to believe it's an issue across an entire country as varying as the US) so they're taught outdoor cats are bad. Then they come on the internet and see cats outside but don't understand that there are lots of countries where outdoor cats do no harm and are perfectly normal and accepted.

  37. The issue of cultural disrespect aside, that's a beautiful photo.

  38. The only people who are going to dispute this are insecure middle managers who have nothing to do anymore and can't stand the fact that they're actually being shown as useless.

  39. As one of these, I revel in my new-found realisation that I only do about six hours of productive work a week. Now that I'm working from home too I have so much more time to myself now, it's great! (while it lasts)

  40. Yeah tell that to my friends playing game half the day or just conecting to skype to fake being there.

  41. It's easy to waste half day in the office too though

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