Why Superman and Lois Lane mean so much to me, why it hurts to see Superman turned into a villain and Lois fridged/side-lined/written out so often, and a hopeful request for James Gunn and future creatives to not do this but instead allow Lois and Clark to be the heroes that they are.

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I needed this today

  1. These are great pictures. The set designers of the show do an incredible job!

  2. Totally, we clearly need more Clois scenes in their bedroom.

  3. Awesome! Thank you πŸ˜ƒ

  4. I would love to see it too in season 3, Clois need to be more like that πŸ˜… they need to hug and kiss and investigate!

  5. Welcome! and thank you for your lovely post 😊. Like you i really like Superman and Lois Lane, so it was sad to see Lois being sidelined in season 2.

  6. So nice to see some bts today!! It’s crazy how thirsty I am for this stuff at the moment

  7. Same! We don't have a lot of BTS these days, so it's great to see this 😊.

  8. A great cause indeed! and it's cool to see Michael in the Kent's kitchen, we saw him with Bitsie and Alex so far, so can't wait to see him with Tyler!

  9. The picture of him with Caleb Williams (#13) is pretty cool considering Williams’ nickname has been Superman.

  10. Yes it's pretty cool and Tyler's mom said: "Both superman in the house" on her instagram.

  11. That last photo has his father and brother if I’m not mistaken. His father in particular looks SO much like him it’s crazy!!

  12. Yes his father and brother Tanner look a lot like him 😊 It's a beautiful family!

  13. Love this kind of "distractions" lol.

  14. Handsome! And Tyler is so like Clark 😊

  15. I love how much he loves ny ❀️ going to keep an eye out for him on tv!

  16. Hope you will see him πŸ˜€

  17. I disagree, i refuse to believe that Superman has a dual identity. Even less a simple little journalist.

  18. I think he must take off his suit, the suit has changed over the years and I doubt that it’s his skin changing. The suit must be a separate entity from his body. I wonder who made itβ€” I mean, I know he said once his mother made it, but does Suoerman really have a mother? Does he mean his mother over on krypton? Maybe she sent a pile of suits along with him in his spaceship.

  19. I think it's from "The final days of Superman" (action comics #52 by Peter Tomasi).

  20. Thank you for the recap of all we know so far about season 3 and i can't wait to see Jonathan driving and all the Clois scenes and kisses! 😊

  21. Like it! And Perry White would be proud of her!

  22. I like it! it reminds me of

  23. Also, should be noted that Daya Vaidya seems to be a guest star this season.

  24. Yes and if i'm not mistaken, i think i saw her in the series Castle and Unforgettable.

  25. Did you manage to get into his hotel room or something lol? Where was this taken?

  26. Lol no, Agustin Meil shared this photo on his Twitter and said: "Met Tyler Hoechlin aka one of the dopest Supermen to touch the role. Dude was super wholesome. This was first time I genuinely went out of my way to take a selfie with someone at work lol".

  27. This is absolutely amazing! Way to go Alex and thanks for standing up and asking world leaders to further adress climate Change!

  28. He is. He said as much on the IG live he posted during his performance at the Lamplighter.

  29. Yes and on a post from some months ago, visiting his friend the diplomat Daniel Del Valle at the United Nations, Alex said "Cannot wait to see everything you do, and to work together to change the world!", so i guess go to the COP27 is the first step πŸ˜….

  30. Yes he is! and talented too 😊.

  31. I think you're unfair with Nat, she is a great character and i hope she will have more scenes with Lois and the boys in season 3.

  32. Interesting.. Seems like a school event with Malcolm and Sean there too.

  33. The one random picture of Erik πŸ˜‚

  34. I wonder if Erik saw his picture πŸ˜‚ he just posted a story to promote Alex, but didn't mention it lol.

  35. It's cool and fun, like his poster πŸ˜….

  36. I will also just reiterate. This idea that a TV and movie Superman cannot co-exist or that the WB is going say that only one Superman is allowed is a completely made up fan narrative.

  37. I totally agree and i don't see why we couldn't have both..

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