Syrian archaeologist Khaled Al Asaad who devoted his life to the excavation and restoration of Palmyra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. He was beheaded by ISIS after refusing to disclose the location of ancient artifacts, despite a month of torture. He died a hero of heritage protection.

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  1. When you put it like that, yeah probably rare

  2. Unless you're a cock smuggler, but those are few and far between.

  3. They're out there, don't underestimate their numbers

  4. That's true they'll get you when you least expect.

  5. Warnings on side effects for US medication commercials.

  6. Sounds like she's up to her old ways again....oh grandma!

  7. The number of chromosomes don't tell the whole story and even if a hybrid is made, it doesn't mean it can then reproduce further.

  8. ISIS destroyed many temples and historical sites as well

  9. The horrible qualities of character can outweigh the good ones. I can't support someone I don't respect.

  10. It left a fingerprint at the scene of the crime.

  11. Why did they remove the opposable thumb instead of the non-opposable finger?

  12. Apparently my thumb and finger weren't developing nerves properly, so they removed the thumb to give the finger a chance. But the finger they left is now only somewhat opposable. I can't bend it at the knuckle in the middle at all. Only at the base of my thumb.

  13. I don't know why, but I find this fascinating.

  14. Well some of us are ugly gaybackward women.

  15. Maybe. I know it's anticlimactic though.

  16. Wearing very sustainable clothing I see

  17. The glass lenses, and clothing is most likely from crude oil.

  18. Never. I developed an intolerance shortly after eating raw eggs for the first time. My body didn't like them and remembered it.

  19. I'm confused. Is the part under the rear window also called a 'dash'?

  20. There is a leather store across from me...there can't be that many people still buying leather.

  21. I can't say I wear it, but I like the look of it. Still, you don't see many people wearing leather anymore.

  22. Pressure points are where larger nerves are able to be compressed. When you pinch a nerve, it temporarily stops the signal from travelling along the nerve - like putting a kink in a hose to stop the flow of water.

  23. I think you mean cages should not be necessary, in ideal situations.

  24. I can imagine some drunks stumbling home late at night across the cobblestones, and coming across this monstrosity backlit by the streetlight - sheer terror.

  25. If they can drive, they should keep it up. My grandfather drove until he was 94 and my grandma until she was 92.

  26. If it is unsafe the inconvenience should just be accepted.

  27. I agree. They were both doing driving tests every year or two so they technically could still drive well, but to your point, it was hair-raising at times driving with them.

  28. I think the fact that there are still so few men employed in elementary education is an example. There’s still such a stigma against a man working in an elementary school who isn’t the principal, the janitor, or the gym teacher. People talk so much about women breaking the glass ceiling and working in careers that have traditionally been considered male professions, but you hardly ever hear the opposite, of men breaking into traditionally female careers.

  29. The stigma is what deters many men from teaching in elementary schools. I can tell you that only about 20 percent of students were male for elementary level in my teaching program. As you get to secondary level, it was pretty much 50/50.

  30. "We came, we conquered, we killed ourselves"

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