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  1. That's what I figured as well. It still formed into Mushroom cloud though.. Just not caused by a bomb

  2. It's just a thunderstorm everyone. Not related to hurricanes or nuclear bombs. Just a thunderstorm lit up at sunset. Enjoy the view.

  3. It was a cool looking cloud formation for sure

  4. I live almost right behind the house with the garage door opening, this is great, thanks!

  5. Hello neighbor! Was hoping this type of video would not make anyone uncomfortable from a privacy perspective. Don't think it shows too much detail. What do you think?

  6. Yes you are right, I distinctly remember wondering if it would work with k despite the site not showing it as supported. I'm still going to give it a shot with the suggested answer above tonight and we'll see if it works

  7. Definitely feel your pain. Bought some in 2017/18 around 18k. Had to wait it out for 3 years. First few months was a roller coaster, followed by some disappointment, but had enough conviction to hold on to it all the way through the bear market.

  8. Exactly how I feel. Well said. The world is going to require a technology like bitcoin to get through what is coming in the next 5-10 years, if not much sooner. This is way bigger than making money, this is building wealth in the next evolution of the economy.

  9. Sick of this bs. If a mask only helps those who are unvaccinated, let the unvaccinated carry their own risk. I wore a mask the first time around, when there was no vaccine. Now, we need to move on and live our lives. If you don't feel safe going out, then don't. Not wearing the face diaper anymore! There has been and always will be risk in living.

  10. I was so hyped last night for what sounded like was whipping up into an actual summer storm, and then like 4 raindrops and the wind died out. Boooo.

  11. Ya, for sure. Was definitely weak, but more than we normally get in Vegas!

  12. Heck ya, got some big rain drops at my house, no hail though.

  13. You're probably right, if I'm this terrified now long before my vacation I probably don't have the balls to leave it running for two weeks. Might be a huge bummer to miss out on so much farming time, but it's better to be safe than sorry.

  14. I use Uptime Robot pointing at my public facing node port 8444. Works very well for notifying me if my full node goes down. If you have separate plotters or harvesters go down though you'd have to set something else up.

  15. Interesting...is it complicated to ping the node specifically instead of the router?

  16. Not if you already set up your full node to be reachable via the internet on port 8444. This is the recommended setup to act as fully capable full node that others can sync with. You have to set up port forwarding or NAT in your router.

  17. Nice shots. Making want a boat and a drone!

  18. Nice shot. Is that shot through a telescope or telephoto lens?

  19. Crazy. I postponed a trip last year. Trying to reschedule for later this spring. How do you all feel about tourists right now? Yay or nay?

  20. Yay! Come on out. Despite what people tell you it's OK to Enjoy life in moderation.

  21. That is a badass pic. Thought for sure it was edited which still would have been cool, but if was an actual blackout, then even cooler.

  22. Good question. No idea. They probably don't like it..

  23. When it is safe to travel, I do believe that the demand will be extremely high. Personally, the first thing I want to do after things improve is to travel and have fun.

  24. I think that's a good point. However, there are bigger issues than covid now in play.

  25. What other issues do you foresee being problematic?

  26. A general shift of behavior. Things like conventions moving more online. Everyone learned to zoom in the last 9 months. People realize the cost savings of meeting virtually. Everywhere in the country now has legalized gambling, Vegas' draw are nightclubs, parties and dining which are all illegal activities now. Those are just some of the local problems. National and worldwide much worse. We're on the verge of civil war politically. China and Russia are just waiting for a weak moment to knock us down. Russia just committed the largest cyber attack in history against us last week. They have key Intel on us now. The fed is blowing up the monetary supply to extremely high levels. This year, they have printed nearly a third of all money ever created. This is extraordinary and scary. Have you noticed higher prices showing up everywhere? Only going to get worse as inflation skyrockets. US dollar losing strength. A global monetary reset could be near. Issues like hunger, homelessness, theft are getting worse as the economy gets worse.

  27. Been waiting a long time for a good racing game. This definitely peaks my interest, but I do wonder about the closed off environment as opposed to an open road/terrain. Different feel, maybe more like flying a plane?

  28. Her math really calls into question her stats overall. She says 500k is 10%? No way, it's like 25%. Something is not right, but either way this situation is very bad for everyone. Landlords are going to default on mortgages without rental income, then the whole housing market collapses if there's enough of that going on.

  29. What a POS. We need to stop this shit before it spreads like we've seen in other big cities.

  30. Clark county announced that they’re turning most of their recreation centers in to learning centers for working parents. Drop off at 7am , pick up at 6pm. They provide educational time , games , arts /crafts and sports. Ages 5-12. Cost is $100 per week.

  31. This is an interesting option and very affordable. Our concern is are they actually going to enforce dedicated online learning time and help kids connect to online meetings that will be required by the school? In our experience with regular safekey, the kids were able to do homework, but the adults did not really help with homework. I can't imagine at this price point that they are going to be able to help kids connect to their online learning. Thoughts?

  32. Shutdown only causes unemployment in less than 15% of people, and a lot of them had underlying financial conditions anyway. Most of us are going to be just fine.

  33. I agree with the statement about underlying financial conditions. Not a problem for me personally. I have not lost my job and can weather a long job loss thanks to my own personal fiscal conservatism. However, its not just about a few people losing their jobs and homes. The issue is much bigger. The economy and financial system is currently an over expanded balloon waiting for a pin prick to burst it. Too much debt everywhere. Now govt printing more money to keep people afloat. USD destabilizing. GDP worst quarter in history. Etc etc Any additional pin pricks and the balloon pops. Pin pricks could be(national and/or local): Mass homelessness, housing market crash Mass small business loss locally and nationwide Mass starvation leading to significant unrest coupled with anti police sentiment. Voter fraud/election scandals causing further civil unrest A major natural disaster

  34. Could another pin prick be, oh, say a highly contagious and incurable virus that causes a once-in-a-century global pandemic to spread across the world killing hundreds of thousands of people in less than 6 months?

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