1. I had one. Handled like a dream. I miss it.

  2. It's a trap. So many reprints. Next will be gold extended art oil slick surge foil premium birds of paradise lol

  3. You forgot die-cut in the shape of a mana symbol and artist brush pieces from when they painted it.

  4. This sub is hilarious some times. This post gets made and now every copy under $50 is gone.

  5. There weren’t that many available for sale.

  6. Check out “M Track days”. Bmw offers a one or two day course that lets you test the limits of their M cars. It’s not cheap, but it’s reasonable for the experience.

  7. Those are replica wheels of Styling M666 which only came for M3/M4 Competition and only in 20" ...

  8. Agree. Way too much meat on that sidewall to be a real 666m.

  9. Ah Hidden Gibbons. I tried running them in RUG Delver like ten years ago. It didn’t go too well.

  10. Are you sure you didn’t drop a Hershey bar in there?

  11. The real question is, how much trouble did you have getting out?

  12. “That’s my secret, I’m always angry”

  13. yeah I’ve heard great things about the reliability. do you also change your own oil too?

  14. Changing the oil on the F80 is remarkably easy.

  15. Estoril, LeMans, and San Marino need to be on the list.

  16. I’ve done this for Disney Gift cards. It works.

  17. How many are returned repacked boxes?

  18. Everyone in Europe uses winter tires. I think they are right.

  19. Perfect response. I have Russian friends, but I can’t read Russian and in my experience it’s hard to sell foreign cards. The pimp with foreign cards market is niche. Yes they world situation caused by their leader is horrendous and I won’t hold the Russian people responsible. I’m just saying that these cards don’t make sense for most in the States.

  20. They are either oppressed and forced to vote that way under threat of violence or brainwashed. It was the same with nazi germany and war propaganda. Do some of them shoulder responsibility sure…but many should not. All I am saying is that this 1st world western discussion of cardboard has very little to do with what is happening over there.

  21. So I stand corrected the x6 was one year before the zdx 😩😩😩 but I actually like the suv coupe style but I like the benz design better

  22. But what about the Lexus RX 350? (It’s hard to call that thing sporty, but it is that shape). And they started in like 1998.

  23. Is this sakhir orange or Toronto red or something else? It looks great.

  24. Summer Magic is desirable for their deep and corrected color palette. Is it rare...sure...i won't argue conspiracy theories on how rare it is...but I'd take the playable Summer Magic cards over ugly framed Magic 30 any day.

  25. I was under the impression you had to get all 4 new with an xDrive.

  26. They are still rear biased and the rear wear faster.

  27. There was also some tribal information out there that wotc employees were able to take some for their personal decks after they were recovered/removed from the market.

  28. I think that is how that info got out, yes.

  29. Check the Facebook graded magic group. They can probably tell you the range of serial numbers that were more lenient. BGS has been a bit inconsistent over the years.

  30. It’s actually somewhat more important if they used TopTier grade gas (google TopTier). The engine will calculate the octane and run accordingly…so you should be ok. But it’ll run better on what’s recommended. If you are into cars and driving, don’t put swill in the tank.

  31. Shouldn’t take too long if your dealer has an allocation. Especially since it doesn’t have to be shipped overseas.

  32. Not buying....total waste of money.

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