1. What’s the best you used? Almost thought it was from the sopranos at first lol

  2. That shit hit way too hard lol I was not expecting it

  3. Man threw a pack of hi-chews in some seasoning huh?

  4. I'm the odd one out here, but I am ALWAYS honest with my fasting. I've had very minimal issues with someone saying I was "starving" myself *insert eyeroll here* - I'm 4 years into my fasting lifestyle and the amount of people I've helped vs. the amount of people that have something negative to say is far more.

  5. I brought it up and turns out there were like 3 other people on my team who are all fasting. I don’t think it’s very taboo to be straightforward about it anymore

  6. I moved from government to sales as well man. Best career move I could’ve possibly made. Went from a system that wouldn’t give you any real responsibility until you hit your mid 30s to paving my own path in sales. It’s great

  7. Being taller with long arms really fucking sucks for lateral raises and flys. I look weak as fuck struggling to do dumbbell flys with 20s while also being super close to getting in the next bench’s area.

  8. Yea 6 figures is a good goal as a rep. I have worked in the industry for years and I have yet to hear of a rep making 7 figures let alone private jet money. He didn’t make this money being a pharm rep. I doubt that the oxy reps were even making that. Granted I don’t know anyone (at least no one who will admit) who ever sold oxy but I can’t imagine they were compensating their reps that well. Unless you’re upper management, you’re not making 7 figures in pharm sales. Far as I know oncology reps are among the highest paid and they can make $400-500k.

  9. Depends on what your own individual and the company’s situation was like when you joined the business. I know my org has a couple guys that crack into the high six figures and potentially 7 figures based on their years because of how their initial deals they signed years ago were structured. Now companies are realllly nipping that shit in the bud and won’t let it happen but some guys are too valuable to let walk so they honor those old agreements to keep the relationship strong

  10. I wonder if he could get hit with a fraud charge for basing his whole suite of brands on the fact that he has a natural physique

  11. Only started hitting the gym a bit over a month ago but sticking to it and not stopping. Wondering if I should bulk up for winter and up the diet to see some real gains. Don’t know where the point to switch from recomp to maintenance or bulk should be

  12. 165lbs at 6’2 and you’re asking if you should CUT!?

  13. I’m 6’2 190 and I’ve been wondering when the point to stop recomp and start bulking is, had no idea 165 would be how far I’d have to go to get cut like this

  14. It’s a lot like the gabe Davis situation imo. He has some great, massive chunk plays but he isn’t consistent enough with them for him to be starting on my fantasy team. It’s sucks but he’s a total boom or bust guy. Without at least two chunk plays and a td he’s useless for fantasy purposes

  15. That buttcrack riff was the shit

  16. Love reading through some of your responses man, doesn’t seem like this sub appreciates the amount of detailed and tailored knowledge you drop here regularly. Considering posting just to get your insight lol

  17. There is no better testimony to a hot girl than one of her ugly friends telling her how great you are. Though I can understand that someone with a username like 5_7pickup might not fully grasp the concept.

  18. It depends on where you’re coming from with the girl who’s friends you’re trying to meet though. You can’t take someone that’s interested in you, friendzone them, and then expect them to be cool with you macking on their hot friends.

  19. I've never understood the US fascination with putting decorations on a Christmas tree that are not Christmas related. The same with Halloween, getting dressed up in costumes that are not Halloween related.

  20. Change US to human and you sound exactly like a Vulcan

  21. The supreme blimp stays airborne while we havin sex 😎😎

  22. They don’t make good reps of these. Some shoes you have to go with retails

  23. Holy shit they look sweet but 1k is bold. Wish there were reps

  24. All he has to do is be better than Gentry so that’s a given

  25. Just fill er up with all Josh’s old receivers lol

  26. Since the original site is down and it took me some time to find the new one, I'll post the link here in case someone is looking for it.

  27. She’s probably got multiple good options to get over you with ready to tag in and fill that void. If you have anyone similar, hit em up and use it to cool the emotions down. Like a good deload. Keep hitting bars/social groups until you hit the jackpot on someone you really like. Shoot your shot with randos at bars enough and you’ll keep getting better

  28. These guys are always the biggest video GAMErs too

  29. Hey don’t hate on gamers. Plenty of us are also huge sports fans

  30. I game too man, just pointing out the irony

  31. The thing is we came in with expectations sky high this season and a lot of us expected us to bulldoze the teams we lost to, and blow out both the browns and lions.

  32. Miracle throw? He makes those all the damn time, without or without janky elbow.

  33. Ok a bit of exaggeration to nitpick, but it was very much a circumstantial miracle. We had very few to zero other ways we were coming out of that game without a W if josh hadn’t thrown a bomb like that into that tight of a window with stef narrowly being open.

  34. Ah, I must have imagined Cook having a bigger impact than he did.

  35. I’m bullish on Cook, but he dropped a pass on an out that was right on the money in his hands near the first down marker. I want to see more of him so I’m hyper aware and get really pissed anytime he fucks up because it’s gonna take away from his snaps lol

  36. Josh was playing with all out adrenaline on that last drive.

  37. I knew as soon as he pulled the ball down and ran straight up the middle for the first that it was Gametime for our boy. Kind of ridiculous he needs to take a big shot to get into the game but if it works it works baby

  38. If your helmet is damaged in any way, immediately replace it too. They are only designed to work once

  39. This is a myth I see people spreading all the time. It can take minor damage multiple times but nothing major without replacement. If you drop your helmet and there’s no clear, large amount of damage it does not need replacing.

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