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  1. I love the Audi RS6 Avant so fucking much

  2. Which car is the RS6 Avant? I'm not an Audi guy, so I can't tell besides they're both Audis

  3. Ah okay. Someone said they're like 110k euro? Jeeeez, are they the highest trim of the RS6?

  4. OP, what is the name of that sub that you're subscribed to? Maybe it has to do with the combination of you being subbed to that and the side drawer style you have. I don't get the two buttons on the side when searching, "search all" and "search math".

  5. I’m a coder. I’ve written entire game engines. Calling it whatever I want. If that word offends you, then you’re focusing on the wrong stuff my friend.

  6. It’s fine. I’m just giving you a word of caution. I’ve been a dev in the tech industry for decades. If a candidate for any level engineering said something like that to me, I’d immediately pass on them for any position. Don’t have time for stuff like that which is a distraction from the actual craft and work.

  7. And I wouldn't express that in an interview. It's a stupid thing to care about and has nothing to do with the job. It's just a personal pet peeve of mine, but I'm aware enough in social situations to not say polarizing things, especially in an interview

  8. It’s a Rick and morty quote. Rick is at the breakfast table messing with parts. He builds a robot that’s entire purpose is to pass the butter. The robot is sentient and when it asks it’s purpose it holds its head and says “oh god”

  9. I could give you a quick run down of Spam and Hawaii.

  10. Thank you so much for your insight! I have some issues reading certain text and I thought I'd update your content for any others that have similar issues (dyslexia and similar) reading some text. I hope you don't mind!

  11. This is the gf, from a reply above from her, for those who didn't notice

  12. Ha! I was there labor day weekend, I thought it looked familiar but I didn't actually play the driving range

  13. The most valuable lessons I learnt in my engineering degree are generally how computers work(like the compilers, logic gates, network). And also algorithms, data structure. It was never a programming language

  14. Mine was both. More theory and DS&A, though. The class we did have was a software engineering course where our class teamed up with a class from the school of business to take their idea(s) and turn it into a piece of software, complete with the business person gathering requirements and doing field research for the software to provide to us. Pretty sick class, honestly.

  15. Mega "keeping up with the Joneses" vibes. "Gotta look like the perfect family, appearances are everything"

  16. Nah, neds always been a smug guy that acts like he's better than everyone but tried to not make it so obvious.

  17. If we learn anything from this situation it should be to NOT put relationships we only see on social media on a pedal stool pedestal (excuse my dyslexic ass)

  18. It's the same mistake that Jen makes in The IT Crowd, "a pedal stool??" 😂

  19. I know the rules, I'm just making a dumb joke. Most OPs just ignore mundane comments like mine

  20. In California the speed limit signs are the suggested minimum

  21. Entirely depends on the speed limit of the freeway. Here in California, if it's 65,oat traffic does 75-80, so I usually set it to 75 to be on the slower end of the average speed

  22. I've confirmed it with a Tesla email, no worries. They say they may not reach out often but we're working to figure out a good solution if they want an official Tesla support presence on Reddit.

  23. Let’s start with do you have level2 charging at your home? If so, this will be easier. If not, that will be harder due to the time to get to your SOC desired. Remember your house is also using energy all day as well. So, even if you have 50kW tier 1 available at midnight, in your AC is drawing 3-5kW/h you are burning through 9-15kW from 12am-3am without your car doing anything. If you do have level 2 you are probably charging at 8kW/h… so, You can tell the car when to start charging and also set your desired state of charge. So, as you have considered, in app or in the car, have is start charging at midnight, if that is your cut over to the new day. You can go to 12:15am if it holds the rate it was using from start of use. That way you wouldn’t be caught holding that trier 2 rate.

  24. If your house is using the 50kWh on its own each day, Doesn’t matter when you plug in. Price will be the same.

  25. When they did the refreshes for all the cars. 3/X/S they had a huge step up in interior quality. For example the model S handles used to snap off very commonly. Panel gaps, worse suspension until the raven upgrade, the 100d is actually slower than a model 3 lr (I think not sure) and also the vertical screen is going to be updated much less time into the future. The model S is gorgeous in comparison, but the benefits are strictly cosmetic in my opinion. If you want space, go refreshed model S or model Y. If you want looks, Refreshed model S is the way to go. The old processor and tech and everything in pre-refresh is a huge downgrade and will be outdated much sooner.

  26. Just to be clear you WANT it to be totaled. If they somehow manage to fix this, the fact that the accident happened means the resale value will diminish quite a bit. Nobody wants to buy a used car that’s been in a major accident like this.

  27. Tesla is constantly changing/improving things in their cars and don't wait to drop feed updates on model year refreshes, so waiting for 2023 provides you no benefit unless the fiscal aspect is tied to the new year.

  28. My floor mat is a dense rubber, so it solves that problem for me. What floor mats are you using, the included ones in LR/P?

  29. Unless you launch the Tessie app the battery widget doesn’t update so it could be inaccurate for quite a while. I agree that it doesn’t need to update much when the car is sleeping but if you don’t launch it after a drive the widget will still show pre-drive level.

  30. Also, Tessie has a setting that you can turn on/off that has Tessie wake your car when opening the app, which I immediately turned off lol

  31. I swear I read that this is supposed to be the current functionality, but I've never received a notification when Sentry mode is triggered.

  32. I think it's only when the car alarm goes off, not just an alert/warning

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