1. Right before that, Orion space pirates, and right before that a literal body switching shenanigans episode! It's not as overt in satire as Lower Decks but it has been really fun, so I'm confused by OP's assertion. To me they're toeing the line between episodic and character development so wonderfully, it actually reminds me of earlier Star Trek in many respects

  2. I think OP just feels like we're not getting enough time to really dig deep into the characters like we would with 20+ episode seasons. Which I understand, with only 10 episodes a season, you don't want to waste any on filler. Which is good in that it leaves you with a lean, eventful series. But unfortunately when you trim the fat like that, you lose a lot of opportunity to really explore the relationships between characters because you literally have no time for it. Imagine if we had 10 episodes to explore the kinda mentorship between Hemmer and Uhura, or the friendship between La'an and Number One that was established in the Vulcan Freaky Friday episode. That's not to say the series isn't doing a terrific job with the time it has. Because it really is. This crew feels more like a crew in 9 episodes than the Discovery crew ever did in 4 seasons. But honestly I think that's why a lot of people (myself included) wish we were getting longer seasons with this show.

  3. Hell, even with the very few shows that do 20+ episodes anymore, you can see the rot set in by season 3 at least.

  4. People hate the transporter episode? I get that it wasn't the most eventful episode ever, but I didn't think it was hate-worthy.

  5. I was put off by Kirk’s racist tirade against Spock. He’s obviously aware of Vulcans and how their society and culture works but still he’s asking questions like “can you feel anything?” and “doesn’t it hit you deep inside” which are ridiculous questions to ask especially in times of crisis. And of course he ends it all by calling him a pointy eared computer. Doesn’t seem appropriate to me in a Starfleet setting to let an officer berate another or use racist Insults.

  6. I can understand Kirk being upset and saying things he doesn't mean, it happens, especially in a situation as stressful and terrifying as the one they were in. But I wish Pike had reacted more to it. It would have been nice if he had seemed upset at Kirk or given him a verbal reprimand or something.

  7. Oh I see lol. Forget a 'C' or even an 'A', slap a 'BNZ' on his sweater.

  8. Why do we as a community keep settling for the sheer mediocrity pumped out by Android OEMs?

  9. Not to mention gags like hologram old-timey cops taking offenders to the penalty box or Rocket League-style goal animations.

  10. It was an okay, fun episode. These folks are terrific actors. I do feel like his daughter's plot escalated oddly quickly, with a conclusion that feels off in a way I'm having trouble articulating. Overall, def not a banger but I'm okay with that. Not every episode has to be top notch.

  11. I thought it was an amazing episode imo, but I'm with you on the strange ending to Rukiya's plot. I think part of the issue is the show's creators feeling the pressure of only a 10 episode season. Sometimes you just don't have enough time to fit everything in, especially since I'm sure there's things coming in the last two episodes we don't even know about, so you just have to take the first somewhat reasonable off-ramp you can find for a story line.

  12. My 2C is that, even though the episodic format can be troublesome this way, it's not a noose. The believably of the ending was iffy because it wasn't set up well earlier in the episode. Sure, Dr. M'Benga says Rukiya is near death - that he's running out of time to save her - but it wasn't sold to us emotionally. By all appearances, her condition hadn't changed at all. Actually, she seemed perfectly fine. As a viewer, I didn't feel like this was a "do or die" scenario for either of them. If she had appeared to be extremely sick, maybe she was doing all this while in a coma...or whatever, it would have been a lot more believable for him to let some entity he knows NOTHING about (it could be evil, this could be hell for her) take his daughter...because it's either that or she dies in the coming minutes or hours.

  13. Yeah, I agree with you. I think they definitely could have done more to sell that ending to us. I was just saying that there very well could be a behind the scenes reason as to why the ending felt rushed. Like they planned for her story to go a different way but had to cut it for some reason, or they just never got a chance to develop her story beyond a certain point for one reason or another.

  14. And I'd bet the budget per episode of SNW is monumentally higher than that of TNG/DS9/VOY. As much as I would love 26 episode seasons of this show, good luck getting that approved by the studio execs lol.

  15. I'm kind of old and this is the second time this week I've seen the term "gotcha gaming". Care to help an old man out and explain what that is?

  16. "Gacha" gaming comes from the word "gachapon" which is the Japanese term for those vending machines that spit out little capsules with random toys in them. So basically gacha games are games where it entices the player to spend (usually real-world) money to unlock various in-game items through randomized, well, capsules is the only way I can think of to put it. It's really common in the mobile game space. And basically these games make most of their money on a select few exorbitantly wealthy individuals who spend literally thousands of dollars monthly on these games.

  17. Cargo ships are one we should convert to nuclear. The biggest cargo ships put out more pollution than all the world's cars put together.

  18. Nuclear cargo ships would be awesome, but I don't think I trust any shipping company to maintain them well enough to avert the kind of environmental catastrophe that would result from one sinking or breaching or any number of things that could go wrong lol

  19. They established right off the bat that T'Pring was not far enough away to need to use the subspace relays to communicate in real time.

  20. By having Spock and T'Pring communicating in real time over their viewscreens. That means they were that close before it was revealed they weren't that close to the nearest relay.

  21. That only tells us that they could communicate in real time at that point. We don't know where the Enterprise was during their conversation, only that it took place before the mission to rescue the colonists. It could have been days before the scene in the conference room, before the Enterprise was out of range of the comms network.

  22. They were about to get rid of the shredded chicken when I worked there and I will say the shredded chicken tastes amazing but it’s a mess to make those quesadillas

  23. It was a mess to unwrap them too lol. What I really miss are those extremely short-lived mini quesadilla melt things (I can't remember the name). They were around for maybe a year after they discontinued the shredded chicken mini quesadilla, and they were fully folded up so you could get sour cream in them and remove the cheese and basically make a chipotle chicken Loaded Griller. I miss those things so dang much T^T

  24. I gotta say, Sisko was a good commander for the first few seasons, but by season 5 he was a powerhouse. I'm halfway through season 6, and, listening to him here, the difference is palpable. If you've never seen Deep Space 9 or you haven't watched Star Trek at all, give DS9 a go. For those who have seen it, I just watched "In the Pale Moonlight." What an episode...

  25. I still maintain that "In the Pale Moonlight" is not only one of the greatest episodes of Star Trek, but one of the greatest episodes of television for all time.

  26. I've never turned mine off. Anywhere that my p6 isn't able to get a 5g signal, it just switches to LTE automatically. I'm on Google Fi.

  27. I can't stand the network switching on Google Fi and I would turn it off if I could. LTE is far more reliable in the area I live in, and it's really annoying having it switch between LTE and 5G constantly. I was having an issue the other day where neither network had particularly good signal, so it was switching between the two like every fifteen seconds. I couldn't do a thing about it. The fact that Google doesn't let you turn off 5G on Fi is an absolute joke.

  28. Yeah just happened to me.. reinstalling G Hub using the "Modify" option in the "Add or remove programs" (search for that in Cortana) fixed it for me. Hope it helps.

  29. Didn't even know you could do that! Thank you for your wisdom, magic man

  30. Is there a way to download it in high quality? I downloaded an episode to watch on a flight and it was in what seemed to be 480p.

  31. Agreed, the ST:VI bridge was the most functional from my perspective.

  32. I loved the set design on for the NX-01. They really did a good job making it feel new and antiquated at the same time.

  33. I thought you were referencing an anime series I like, "Spy x Family", lol. The main character is called Lloyd (Loid) and his adoptive daughter *really* likes peanuts.

  34. Awesome view! I remember going to Letchworth what must have been just a couple years before they replaced the old iron trestle bridge with this one (2015 maybe?). As cool as the trestle bridge was, this one is certainly a lot better looking. And probably a lot safer too haha

  35. Oh damn i forgot to say! Its in Bydgoszcz, Poland

  36. I'm sorry but that's far too few vowels for a nine-letter name. How's that pronounced?

  37. Yeah he seems like a pretty alright guy off the ice, but the stuff he does on the ice can be really nasty.

  38. I'm confused by the person you're responding to. San Francisco has to be the hot spot in the US for auto theft and car break-ins (Especially for photographers). They're definitely lucky not to encounter anything like that.

  39. For real, I read a thread in (I think) the San Francisco subreddit about car break-ins and there were literally hundreds of comments about experiences with car break-ins and thefts and the lengths people will go to prevent them. I'm afraid to bring anything anywhere tbh lol

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