1. Look I am not saying don't vote but historically the biggest and fastest changes come from mass violent action.

  2. You gotta know that trying to plan your future with someone you can't trust is a losing proposition. It sucks, but if he can't get sober, its not just his life that falls apart, its yours too.

  3. An oversized Charmander in full color.

  4. I am so sorry for your loss. Nothing can ever replace family. But it helps to know you gave them the best life you could and they loved you.

  5. I feel like people are ignoring his hollowification? He was maybe only a mid tier captain to begin with but he also has a huge arsenal of Hollow abilities.

  6. Google the Pythagorean comma. It will help you

  7. The Pythagorean comma, historically, is not the answer. (Neither is the syntonic comma.) The diesis is actually the answer here, being the difference between G# and Ab in (1/4-comma) meantone.

  8. Huh, Well I'll be! Been over a decade since Music History and some of the finer things have been sanded down by time.

  9. Yea i can say from personal experience that that place is a hellhole of bad management and worse treatment of employees. The second you aren't needed they will cut you without warning or severance. This sort of thing doesn't surprise me at all

  10. They laid off a friend of mine in a mass zoom call where everyone was muted but the person telling them they were laid off. Also Freedom

  11. I hope you find the help you very, very obviously need.

  12. lol I don't even have kids. You are just exploding out here cause I called you a fascist. And from your comments it looks like I wasn't very far off the mark in your case. More like I hit a bullseye. Suck hitlers dick publicly some more jesus christ.

  13. This is page 4 or 5 of the Closing disclosure on every mortgage loan originated in the US. While yes, that is a lot. Its the total you will have paid after you have paid off the entire loan under the current terms. To say nothing of extra payments or early repayment.

  14. Can confirm the micro usb original type thingy works if you have a dock

  15. This is not a bill. Its just an official statement. Like censure.

  16. This font is the other real crime.

  17. Dental students at the University of Minnesota have a clinic I think

  18. Gotta go. Shouldn't be a hard bar to pass not to have publicly called on Hitler to exterminate your enemies.

  19. No politician at congressperson or above really care about the working class except Sanders. Even AOC voted to break the strike.

  20. That my friend is a snowshoe Siamese

  21. https://www.sarna.net/wiki/Eridani_Light_Horse

  22. Being a billionaire should be a crime and the only punishment is death.

  23. How do you get the lines so crisp!

  24. Crockett! From the official "Comstar battle level II" box

  25. The resculpt is dope, I have the 3D printed version as I love this mech

  26. I love all the antique but brand new Comstar mechs

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