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  1. Loid: for the sake of the mission..

  2. Only one way to find out! Let's make an explosion Megumin would be proud of!

  3. Reality got too laggy and crashed :(

  4. For the sake of the mission, I elect to ignore this

  5. “Don’t go to where the record is, go to where it’s going”

  6. There just engaged in a very furious math session that may or not result in multiplication.

  7. Theory and practice are identical in theory

  8. F=m*a makes a ton of responsibility real quick

  9. Komi can’t tolerate and serves just your average b*tch slap

  10. Fun fact! Dolphins will 100% do this. For real. They are horrible creatures that media has tricked us into thinking of as wholesome. Sharks are the good guys.

  11. I dunno, this seems pretty holesome, but it may not be on porpoise

  12. Now the problem here is it says do not bend and clearly that’s a fold. Shoulda specified that too

  13. Seems it’s good at shaking up more than originally intended

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