1. The "if you do" means nothing happens, since as an eternal item it isn't destroyed.

  2. New one's on the way 👀👀👀

  3. Watching the stream vod rn I actually had no idea there was a new game upcoming or that he'd be playing it, pogged out of my gourd rn

  4. I don't think he has confirmed he'll play it. They actually added a load of YouTubers as characters in the game. Would have been an easy one for the hair design team.

  5. There's basically two ways to portray a character as androgynous:

  6. It *should* be enough to have a character only use they/them (for english games at least) but it sadly isn't for a lot of the internet- as a writer I'd probably have some dialogue where, using the fun gang as an example, somebody says "Hello Boy, Girl, and Kris!" to really demonstrate it.

  7. It felt pretty balanced. I was in Wisdom and didn't get mirrors for most of the splatfest, but got a few mirrored tricolors near the end. If I had to guess, Power or Courage won popularity but not by a large margin.

  8. Sounds like how it should play out to me. The design intent is that in -most- circumstances players won't have a second eternal item to give away instead, but since it's worded this way he can give grubfather away. If the card could only work on your starting item, it would say that somehow.

  9. I got a random trap -> grudge trap the other day and, presumably since some of my pokemon were still in the hallway behind me, the game crashed. When I reopened the game I was a tile adjacent to the trap, which was not triggered. Just walked around it and became extra thankful for autosave

  10. GTI made a lot of questionable changes to the gameplay formula, some of which were reversed in SMD and some of which stuck. I think SMD is a more authentic PMD experience, so GTI might be better to try out if you have a history with the series already. Otherwise, I would go with SMD first.

  11. I was just thinking, paradox pokemon would have been a good chance for them to do more eevee-likes without actually permanently adding eeveelutions, since it seems unlikely they’ll do that again any time soon. Could’ve done this for Violet and some kind of ghost or dragon for Scarlet.

  12. You can’t give us a eeveelution, paradox or not, and then take it out. That would be too cruel.

  13. My point would be to make eevee-like pokemon that aren’t actually evolutions of it. Kind of like how Scream Tail doesn’t actually evolve into Wigglytuff or an equivalent.

  14. Seeing real pictures of it rather than the perfect-condition ad photos makes me happier with my decision to buy one, it looks really fucking good here. Before this I had a launch day switch still and I've been holding out on getting a new one because I knew something like this would be coming

  15. The thing is, that particular version of Great Revival is Franziska's only character theme, so part of the issue is that no other theme is associated with her.

  16. Honestly I'd be happy if they just played the game's basic investigation/tension themes during Manfred's scenes.

  17. As someone who is still very new to the Three Houses debate, I have a theory that Byleth emits a sanity field for whoever she's with. Whoever is on the other side will not be their most sane.

  18. It’s partially Byleth, and partially just that each side has their own information. If you compare all of the established lore and reasons to dislike the antagonists for each route, you’ll notice that there’s a fair bit of conflicting and left out information, for one reason or another. What that means is that everyone’s going to look like the only good guy from their route’s perspective, when in reality all the lords want a better future and just disagree on how, with all three having equatable levels of good aspects and bad aspects. Realistically, the best lord is plain and simply the one you’re most attracted to

  19. Thank you for posting this, I managed to nab one! I've seen some people disliking that these don't come with the game, but honestly I'm pretty glad it doesn't. I pretty much only buy digital so I can do the home switch trick for me and my gf to each play one copy of a game, so if this was priced with a physical cart I wouldn't want to use in the box that'd be pretty unfortunate

  20. Two questions - 1) this isn’t with the hard plastic cases right? 2) when double sleeving are you supposed to put one on in one direction and the second one in the opposite direction?

  21. Oh. … oh no. I’ve done a bad. Well that at least clarifies it. Third question - Are the are the dragon shield mattes more grippy? The sleeves make the cards so slippery.I bought some cheaper $7 for 500 sleeves at Target as the Amazon posting for the dragon Sheild was $85. This is my first time ever sleeving cards and didn’t want to spend nearly as much as I did on the game to protect it, but now I’ve gone this far I see the reasoning and probably should have just done it right from the start. I had originally thought they’d all need to go in the hard sleeves and thought “heck it $85 just for the thin ones, can’t imagine what it might be for the thick plastic ones”.

  22. The mattes have a pretty good feel, yeah. Shuffling is easier than just having the cards unsleeved (imo) but they don't slide around too easily either. I myself spent around $140 buying a 10-pack of 100-count Clear Mattes & a 10-pack of 100-count Perfect Fits. (Didn't use all 1000 but did use most, and I play other card games so I'll use the rest eventually.) It's DEFINITELY pretty pricey, but if that's too much for you, single-sleeving with the clear mattes or single-sleeving with the cheap sleeves is better protection than nothing (as long as the slipperiness of the cheap sleeves isn't so much you'd prefer them unsleeved.)

  23. You should be able to just add a new file parallel to the other shopkeepers afaik.

  24. When I tried that, I wasn't able to load them with the NPC Editor- but I *was* able to if I changed their name so that they replaced a pre-existing shopkeeper list

  25. Physically. Using a Chessex grid map mat, wet erase markers, miniatures, and dice. Though we did make digital character sheets so level ups and calculations are easier.

  26. Interesting! How do you show your players enemy stats, if you do? In tabletop my group sets the tiles up to have swappable states between the unit’s art, their HP counter, their stats, and then any skills or items they drop. Makes it easy for people to take a quick look around for strategizing

  27. I have a dry erase board on the wall; I write each type of enemy unit's relevant stats there. It helps my players know "OK, all the Axe Bandits have 97 Accuracy, 21 Damage, et cetera". Since it's an RPG, I tend not to tell the players what items will drop until the item drops, but I do put a little star symbol next to any unit that drops an item (or can be stolen from).

  28. Honestly you could just check the fire emblem wikis for their image resources for earlier games, and take their sprite art. Would definitely help with the generics, although anything you do for the blue units might be better as something more unique

  29. Gotcha. I just gave all of mine a once-over (kickstarter boxes for the original & requiem) and didn’t notice any that require opaque sleeves. I think what had me worried was one of the new monsters that’s double-faced, but apparently it doesn’t start in the deck & is summoned after a specific one from the main deck is defeated. So unless some of the cards I don’t have make clear sleeves a problem, should be good.

  30. Is it feasible to use clear sleeves? iirc there are some double-faced cards, right? Are they all in the non-rng decks, or are you going to put an extra backer in somehow to hide them?

  31. when a person does both their booyah bombs at the end of wave 3 after you've had one player remaining 13 times

  32. That's painful, but what really makes me suffer is when we're 2 seconds from losing to low egg count and then someone starts using a booyah bomb

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