1. Arcade mode? You mean battle mode? And I’ve gotta use legend too? What about Ace Robot, evil Tiga, and evil Dyna?

  2. Ginga, Victory, and Dark Lugiel: *laughs in Infinite height

  3. It seems Freddy got lost on his way to Fazbear Pizzeria

  4. As a good guy: protecting the innocent from harm

  5. Cosmos (without Musashi) goes berserk with Corona Mode (or Space Corona)

  6. For me, it's more like combination between Tiga and The Next's head

  7. i havent watched cosmos at all but isnt he considered op in series compared to outside media?

  8. Jack anniversary: drowning skeleton on underwater

  9. I became Ultraman fans because of my friend.

  10. Legend fans: eating popcorn and watching those two fanbase(s) debate.

  11. Zero: Do you guys seriously think that you two can even beat me?

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