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  1. Ah, any whacko and kook can run for office. He'll get 4 votes.

  2. WHY do they speak like this?! 💀😩 it’s god awful no fucking wonder y’all can’t get laid if a man spoke to me like this I’d have no choice but to catch a battery and assault charge

  3. And it's fucking disgusting. There should be some kind of legal contract signed at marriage that states you can't abandon your spouse due to illness.

  4. The internet has given them platforms to congregate and spread their hateful ideas, which just spawns more young incels.

  5. Lol I remember this a while back, he must be the most socially unaware politican.

  6. Fuck no. That's GA on a 1.5 seconds cooldown, and then 2 seconds of free flight, add to that her angelic descent.... She'd never have to touch the ground.

  7. If he were the king of France on his wedding night, everyone would be hanging around the wedding bed, watching, taking records to make sure everything was legit and there was no stunt ass involved or anything, courtiers making comments, congratulating, etc.

  8. That looks a lot worse than a simple mosquito bite...

  9. This is real? I thought it must've been a prank letter or something....

  10. It boggles my mind how we have unelected supreme court justices with no term limits. Honestly sounds like a third world country system.

  11. Republicans won't even consider an age where abortions should be allowed, when it is clearly a case of child sexual abuse.

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