Dax Harwood on CM Punk: “Sometimes the detractors are louder and get their news out more than he does. He had his door always open, invited people in, watched matches of the young wrestlers that asked him to, stuck around until the end of the show and anybody that had questions he would answer.”

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  1. I mean when you actually think about it, it makes total sense.

  2. also Vegeta is not a nobody. he is a prince. not prince of a nation but a whole planet.

  3. All I'm going to say is that if The Elite, Tony, and Punk can't find a way to capitalize on this and make a ton of money (and it would) everyone involved are dumb asses.

  4. perhaps thats the plan? what if they already settled their issue backstage and now due to Punk still injured, they wait for him to recover and meanwhile, thats why the Elite running around mocking him in preparation for that feud that will happened months later.

  5. i wonder what happened to those who didnt want to hear his answer and advice..

  6. the ohm is not mean your psu but your motherboard sound chip capabilities. ohm not mean watt but it refer to impendence of your headphone.

  7. There is actually a theory that it does work that way, but only the head would be reanimated.

  8. Can’t wait to see Luffy not recognize lucci because of the mask

  9. Swear to god Lucci better not be on the same level as Luffy. Otherwise the whole thing with Kaido was one big joke.

  10. no way that happened. lowest he is on Who Who level, atmost he is on commander level. his strength should be around that. even commander level is already very strong on new world. remember how terrifying Katakuri is? even if he is end up stronger than that, it should be not exceed level someone like Crocodile.

  11. joke aside honestly this is one of thing that i missed the most. i love to enter each house to look around and talk with each npc

  12. need to continue segment where Brandon saw Hangman from far and notice the Bucks.

  13. Controversial opinion but I don't see anything in Pullman Jr. He's never really done anything in AEW worth while. I mean Julia Hart knew it was time to get out of that group.

  14. i think he has potential. but probably its something that doesnt 'click' within himself yet all this time so figuring it out is the challenge here.

  15. isnt USA currently has double of that amount?

  16. Maybe they were time traveling aliens who really like anime

  17. they come to spoil humanity over One Piece ending!

  18. Goku should be bit stronger that Frieza. doesnt mean significantly stronger. but doesnt mean Frieza cant fight him. he still can compete with his strength.

  19. FFXV's summons is more like to fill the 'final fantasy' requirement and to appeal fanbase. thats all. it never been part for main story despite the lore suggest otherwise. cool stuff like Gentiana turn out to be Shiva or Ifrit existance also feels like afterthought just so to make sure the game has certain amount of presence for these beings, thats all. sure, other FF like 7 the summons didnt have much role but compared to XV, the story is a mess that these summons role become dissapointment in the game. in the end FFXV' storyline is more like a jumbled content mash up together for the sake of to deliver a title that happened to has 'final fantasy' name on it. i doubt they as clear story when the development start at first place. we has no idea of how exactly initial idea or story for Versus 13 gonna be. Tabata also change lot of stuff since he take over.

  20. he already achieve perfect ultra instinct. now next step is finding version that suit him best since he cant keep trying to copy Whis forever since angel are born with it or in 100% state all the time. that technique is an angel technique at first place. obviously he cant fight like an angel because he is a mortal so there is differences in nature and gap that he cant achieve. especially angel has different way of perceive life value than mortal. so thats why based on the ultra instinct that he already mastered, he need to evolve it to a form that can leverage his differences in potential and fit himself, as a mortal, as a saiyan and as a son goku. a version that specific to himself even angel probably cant copied him like how he cant do the same toward them. we can also say that currently his 'craft' is just a plain standard. need to add flavour or some personal touch of custom job. basically take a new craft he mastered and turn it into his own work of art.

  21. That eye patch captain have really become a fan favorite since the reveal.

  22. what if it is the same eye patch that been passed down to Kenpachi?

  23. Why would they teach small pull? A tank that doesn’t w2w is not required for a dungeon.

  24. i mean just give them introduction about pull. be it small or big, the pro vs cons etc. thats all. just part of knowledge and this is for newbie running earlier dungeon.

  25. I’d agree with you if the game wasn’t so lenient already. To the point that it nurtures bad habits into players who later on are reluctant to change their playstyle for the appropriate/optimal one.

  26. it just for earlier game content. thats all. for introduction. so they understand their job and can run dungeon with efficiency once they on higher end content later. w2w should be something norm for further content after all. lv 1 to 35 basically a tutorial phase according to Yoshi-P so it should be suitable period for honeymoon learning phase.

  27. I always wondered how matches between gaijin and Japanese talents were planned. Very cool to see how the language barrier is broken

  28. probably there is a 'wrestling language' that wrestlers understand despite differences in language

  29. Fascinating. Makes you realise how few videos we have of wrestlers planning out matches; it’s almost the only thing about the business that’s still extremely protected. I’d love to see more of guys like Kenny or Bryan or Jericho talking through these.

  30. imagine if we can see video of Kenny and Okada plan their match.

  31. No no, im totally glad you were able to get that out.. i think you needed it... im not gonna read a word, but you keep fightin the good fight

  32. Man are you like sitting there waiting for my response? A glass of chardonnay? Cheap cigarette? Nows your chance, you can get back at me with those searing rebuttals? Is it working out just how you had planned?

  33. how about you. whats its like waiting for my response? sorry i dont smoke. what searing rebuttals? just plain fact with no counterpoint.

  34. we simply dont know Gas power level that time. all this year considering how long Frieza reign in the galaxy/universe, there is chance that less people actually come close to power level to someone, for example special squad force.

  35. So then “open world mainline Pokémon game”

  36. well i believe most of people get what im said at first place

  37. based on the game design, it definitely has 'heart'. but their QA process probably otherwise LOL.

  38. I wouldn’t say Goku gave Frieza a second chance. More so Goku doesn’t enjoy killing and thought it would be better to leave Frieza humiliated than to kill him. He had already proven himself superior to Frieza and Friezas ki was dropping. He knew if Frieza tried to attack him or destroy earth he could defeat him.

  39. and perhaps due to his experience with Frieza, thats why he decided not make same mistake with Cell.

  40. this is the feeling of what missing from AEW when the Elite is not there. glad they are back.

  41. ...because they'd just want Kenta to job to Punk. Punk already ran through the AEW roster refusing to put anybody over, no need to do the same to NJPW's. He already stole Kenta's move and made bank with it, he should at least lay his shoulders on the mat for him.

  42. honestly out of gesture for respect, for purpose of storyline having Punk lose to Kenta would be better. like a match with GTS on stake where the winner can keep using GTS. they can can still win while without make the loser look weak. they can make it where Punk lose but in the end he earn Kenta respect and he get the blessing from him on live infront of crowd to keep using the move. or make it 2 series of match. first match Punk lose and cant use GTS for quite some time but second match he win and get Kenta respect. both got Win - Win situation.

  43. Also fair! I'm thinking the really insane glitches are either from people who're into hours of the same session (people are saying a lot of the issues are due to a memory leak? So if that's true resetting the game every so often should sort it out) or folks purposely trying to break the game to see what they find. But also not even counting all the stories online, I've been hearing a lot of varying things from my own immediate friend groups. Some of them really don't have a lot of issues playing, others have massive problems with frame rate and whatever else. Blown out of proportion or not, I personally feel like in the end a game should not be performing this unreliably between so many people, and I'm not spending the money until it's sorted out. And if they don't? Well unfortunately I guess I'm just skipping this gen too, then. Which really sucks cuz I was looking forward to it but there are so many better performing games I can spend my money on instead, and I'd rather support those developers.

  44. there is also claim that the issue is mostly on dock mode. i dont know the depth of the claim but so far im playing on Switch Lite. so who know?

  45. Ah yeah, it runs better in handheld because the resolution is lower. Switch Lite has 720p but docked switch is capable of 1080p.

  46. probably devs spend most of their time on handheld? thats why it has less bug issue on it.

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