1. They stopped doing the highlighting of black owned businesses which is unfortunate. I wish they would continue to do that. I think Claudia is much more progressive than Jackie. Jackie doesn’t offer her views which shows they are unpopular, disguised under the “we are not a political show” which is fine, and perfect. HOWEVER, you’re a woman owned business and the equal rights of women should be shouted during these times. They really have no POC close friends…it’s odd since they live in NYC. Very uncultured.

  2. Educated. Fun. informative. Hilarious! His couponing TikTok kills me. I love him and his commitment to his community. I ride at dawn for him!

  3. And he donates so much of what he buys from couponing!! He seems like such a genuinely kind, caring person.

  4. I tried fresh lemon juice daily for several months, combined with Chanca Piedra. Honestly, I REALLY wanted this to work, but for me, both of these did nothing. I would be very careful with lemon juice, because its very bad on tooth enamel.

  5. It’s so hard right? Because you’ll do anything to not feel this pain again but you’re fucked either way!! The stoner struggle is real

  6. I'm in the same boat. Had a CT done last week that revealed multiple stones in each kidney. I did have ESWL 5 years ago, and for me, it was a piece of cake. NO pain whatsoever, and I COULD HAVE gone to work that same day. I peed blood once or twice after ESWL and that was it. I passed many fragments for a couple weeks, and for the next 5 years (up to now), I've had no problems. I'm also dreading the possibility of a stent. I did NOT get a stent 5 years ago, so I still don't know how well I'll tolerate it. Some people here say it's hell, others seem to not have a problem with it.

  7. It’s hell for me. Adult diapers for the win

  8. Careful with supplements. Natural calcium is better than a supp

  9. Yeah I’m thinking that’s why I have this stone bc it’s not genetic and I only got the stone after 2 years of calcium supplement

  10. It could be all the supps we took during the pandemic. I have significantly cut back on my C and D

  11. This looks like a purse snatching to me. It could be that someone grabbed a purse either from a parked car, an open door, or a person somewhere nearby and ran behind the 7-11 to dump it looking for valuables. It doesn’t look scattered like it would if there was a struggle, just dumped. I would bet the keys don’t go to the car. It looks like there is no phone or wallet. I can’t tell from the pictures but it also looks like the purse or bag is missing. If it was a nice bag from an expensive brand, it might have been the reason it was stolen. Expensive purses can be resold for pretty good money.

  12. I think someone was taken against their will

  13. Squeeze a whole Lemon in water and guzzle. If you are in pain, and have issues peeing. GO TO THE ER. I can’t believe you can’t get in to a urologist. This breaks my heart. I know how much you’re suffering. This crap is not for the weak.

  14. Try to find a doctor that gives a shit and have them call specific urologist offices to get them to move some people around. They listen much better to doctors in my experience. my general doc did this and saw a urologist next day after their office told me they were booked for half a year

  15. This is such great advice. They advocate for you.

  16. Ugh. First, I’m so sorry. What is the weird sensation? And discomfort? I will say my doctor thought he got all of mine and he didn’t. There was a stubborn piece that was stuck because my ureter is so narrow. I’m not saying any of this to scare you because I have had some random phantom pain as they call if but I ended up with a nephrostomy tube for over a week to let my kidney heal. I promise you, again. I’m not trying to scare you. But obvi just want you to be cautious as sometimes it’s not all removed.

  17. I love this Pulitzer energy. AGREED. This is Erin Brock. It’s going to shake up the industry. Or at least it should

  18. This is ridiculous!!! Doctors need to be treating pain. This is so fucked up. Additionally, completely understand your pain.

  19. Jared is the real content king. These are facts. She’s jealous of the brand he built. She truly could never provide the level of advice, comedy, and passion Jared does. Eating a salad with a spoon is NOT a personality trait!

  20. What’s the instagram handle this link doesn’t work for me

  21. Also, you drinking a lot of water can overwhelm the kidney. Nephrostomy bag survivor. Please got her this cultured. It’s important. Can be liver related as well. Do you eat daily harvest?

  22. Only water and plenty, I eat healthy 90% of the time too. It’s just in the mornings my pee is darker then throughout the day it’s fine.

  23. Eating healthy can produce more stones. Check out your supplements, spinach, and nut intake. And please go get your urine cultured. This isn’t an Indian pale ale darlin

  24. Pete* Davidson. He’s currently dating Kim Kardashian after relationships with other hot women, including a broken engagement with Ariana Grande.

  25. Hahaha! Yesssss! Didn’t see the auto correct lol. Peter lolol

  26. His life hasn’t gotten worse, it’s gotten better.

  27. I was thinking about this the other day! Did Pete Davidson’s life get worse? 😂😂 Her made up fallacies are her brand.

  28. OH MY GOD!!! This is terrible! Encouraging self harm?? This is a crime! Report IP address immediately.

  29. I think you need to take Tylenol to get your fever down. If you are in terrible pain, I would go to the ER

  30. Not in pain, just discomfort of achiness and hot/cold.

  31. It could be something additional. Isn’t it always something with these stones? If you are peeing normal, it could be something else. You have to get your fever down though

  32. Never voted republican. Aka: NEVER VOTED

  33. Omg. This sounds like the jewelry store owner at Aurum on elmwood. He left me a voice message like this years ago saying “I thought you were a good person” UM. EXCUSE ME SIR, I found a better place and didn’t execute a contract with you.

  34. Kerrently. Kinda shocked she didn’t say anything. Canceled my the Drop order

  35. Kerrently. Kind of shocked she never said a thing.

  36. Sounds like she makes her relationships like her social media. A facade of fakeness.

  37. More proof she’s never been in a serious relationship.

  38. WHAT DOES SHE DO ALL DAY? Seriously, where’s the work? She literally does absolutely NOTHING! What value add is she providing.

  39. Taken from her friend Camilla’s IG. Love that she posted this pic of tuna on her grid 😂😂😂

  40. What’s the handle? I don’t see it

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