1. Its completely okay to choose a dog from a REPUTABLE and ETHICAL and REGISTERED breeder. I wanted a certain breed, with great temperament, so researched breeders in my area and finally after 2 years picked up a puppy that is amazing. Parents are fully health tested and proven in show rings. Not everybody is able to adopt a dog and then spend fortune and lots of time on fixing behavioral issues that others caused. Go for it.

  2. I have just send then an email to see what can be done

  3. I asked this question to one of the chat reps on the site and was told that they do offer extensions.

  4. Yes, up to 90 days but you need to prove why you need it

  5. I Don’t. I taught her, that home is where she rests. She sleeps on the sofa or bed when alone. We have all our activities outside (apart from sniffy matts or licky matts) and she has plenty of them, both physically and mentally stimulating.

  6. Sorry, you work in pet industry for 10 years, yet you say that any doodle is non-shedding? You might look into genetics first, before you say something (stupid) like that

  7. I would go back to the same training as you’d do with a puppy. Taking him out every so often, big praise and treat when he does potty outside

  8. I’m glad you saved a puppy from potentially being abused! Sad that she likely came from a problematic breeding situation but she looks like she’s landed in the best place possible!

  9. And who’s going to save his mother who most likely gives birth every 6 months?

  10. I suggest you submit the application once you reach the 3 year mark. They can audit you and you won’t be able to provide proof of that

  11. I am sorry for your loss. It seems to me that was not a breeder. It was a BYB. reputable breeders are registerd, their cats come with pedigree and are definitely tested on FIP and other feline genetic deseases before they are being used in their breeding program.

  12. It's been posted several times so it does seem to be a common issue.

  13. I chuck everything that shows even just a tiny bit of mould. Its in the whole glass even if you can see it only on a tiny bit

  14. I use BoT but their line for regeneration after training or competition. Great brand

  15. Hurtta or Non-stop dogwear. Great functional dog coats

  16. Ze srandy bych byl pro návrh kdy by v takovém případě popravili dotyčného soudce, jenom proto abychom si užili to kvičení.

  17. Idk, sudca rozhoduje na zaklade dôkazov ktore v ten moment existujú…

  18. Myslim si, ze je momentalne ovela dôležitejšie analyzovať stavajúcu klasifikáciu (napr. držanie trávy vs znásilnenie)

  19. Well maybe re-watch that scene again. The maester says they did everything possible and couldn’t deliver the child. If they would have done c-section, trust me, she wouldn’t be able to walk to her dragon after that

  20. Oh she didn't want the baby? Girl had her priorities straight

  21. No, thats not the case. The baby was probably already dead inside her. So dead baby and Laena would have died anyway during c-section. So she chose her own preferred death by her dragon.

  22. Prežívala som to podobne ked sme sa sťahovali z tehly do novostavby. Ale urcite si zvyknes a budes tie zvuky proste filtrovať.

  23. Musím říct, že už je to rozhodně lepší než když jsme se nastěhovali. Ale pořád mám problém hlavně v noci, kdy se v tom tichu ty zvuky holt víc nesou. Sice spím se špunty, ale 100% to není.

  24. Tak ako, my mame nad nami aj vedla nas male deti takze to si proste zvyknes alebo sa zblaznis. Jedno z toho haha

  25. How old is your puppy? Day cares and dog parks are the best locations to go to when you want kennel cough tbh

  26. What breed is your puppy? 7mo is too early to diagnose HD 100% accurately in my opinion as joints are still in development at that age. Definitely get an opinion of a really good ortho

  27. It is better, but when sorted by "most recent", all group post reappear. Win10 and latest firefox.

  28. I only see followed Pages on my most recent. iOS 16

  29. Name. First should be teaching their name. Then being okay with collar, leash. Exposing (at home as I guess puppy misses Parvo shot) to all the different materials, colours, sounds etc.

  30. Urcite je lepsie posielat si pravidelne do nejakych fondov, ETF ako nechat lezat peniaze na obyčajnom ucte, inflácia ti ich za chvilu zhltne. Vobec by som sa nebála osloviť nejakych odborníkov, poradcov. Sprav si ale dobry research

  31. Ti nevím, přítel tam posila přes tři roky a návratnost je taková, že má ještě měně než před tím a to nepočítám inflaci.

  32. Tak fondov a moznosti je strasne vela. Ak niekam davam peniaze na 15-20 rokov, tak necakam, ze za 3 roky co je mega krátka doba, mi to zarobí 500% snad nie?

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