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  1. Main ways are by stalking roll rats for a while, trading for them, transferring, lampreys, or tanking a lot (not recommended you will probably die doing that). Overall, roll rats are the safest way however they are much stronger than they look.

  2. Ad Astra per aspera is correct, per Astra ad aspera isn't, both prepositions are with accusative so the order/placement of ad/per matters.

  3. I mean, technically it is "correct", grammatically speaking, it just means the exact opposite to the original line.

  4. Yeah, it makes sense as a sentence, but the translation would be the opposite and not what was presented

  5. Rxe4 was also a checkmate. You didn't have to sacrifice the queen.

  6. Man, i love the wyvern dossie, i just get confused because it states that theres a wyvern saddle and it has a cousin in the island (idk how it is my best guess is the giga)

  7. It states the spikes form a natural saddle on its back, also it states the relative has four legs and is larger

  8. Wait 4 legs? Dos the dragon still counts?

  9. En passant holy hell brick pampers Magnum Chadson king c2 Gothamchess staring at the viewers c4 is explosive Knook Bongcloud "why isn't this mate?" smothered mate queen sac reset the counter pipi "w"esly "s"o Hans Niemann anal beads meta memes about the memes being meta the lawsuit speaks for itself.

  10. Wdym, rotate it 90 degrees to the left, it isn't backwards.

  11. To my knowledge you can use dicere as in to speak. It’s also easier to conjugate.

  12. I would use loquor in that. For example, sī possum mortua lingua loquī... or Sī mortua lingua loquor...

  13. Degenerates like you belong on a cross

  14. That’s a popular opinion tho

  15. But every album is saying EVERY. Saying most albums would be a better fit

  16. TETR if you want an intro BATH if you want a song

  17. 1st part I could agree with, don't insult nightmare though, it is a great album

  18. i agree wholeheartedly. i actually love the fact that they’re trying something different. they’re growing as artists and it’s actually kinda sad to see that some of the fans aren’t growing with them

  19. It's similar to what I've seen in bands like Slipknot for a good example, people complain after every album that it's not as good as their old stuff despite it just being different sounding. I find Darker Still to be enjoyable as an album, it isn't perfect but it is fun to listen to.

  20. yea 100%. expecting a perfect album every time is just gonna lead to disappointment. i always try and just enjoy it for what it is

  21. Yeah, you just have to be optimistic when listening and you'll realize it's not a piece of trash.

  22. Ah, mē solī unī annī studuī sed ego bonas quantitas discī.

  23. Ronin’s sword isn’t even that good. It barely does any more damage than punch and has a better hitbox.

  24. I've been playing a lot of ronin recently and I can confirm, if you aren't braindead with ronin, scorch I a good match up.

  25. Go fight legion, then we'd talk.

  26. As Corey Taylor once said "and don't you fucking judge me"

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