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  1. pulisic to shoot up the dressing room if the england defense keeps bullying him like that

  2. jordan pickford looks like he doesn’t eat his pizza crust

  3. can’t wait for john cena to announce on the next monday night raw episode that the US took down gareth southgate like he did with osama bin laden

  4. can somebody explain to me why they do 3 races in europe, fly all the way to canada only to do 6 more races in europe right after?

  5. Any country i can set my vpn to so i can watch the US vs Wales game on youtube?

  6. the holländer are gonna completely destroy this team my god

  7. my grandma got molested by Portuguese settlers back in the 1800s so im rooting for portugal. SUUUUUIIIII

  8. the hours i wasted on this game as a kid…

  9. no roast but i like your poster choices

  10. girl in red - two queens in a king sized bed

  11. I usually go through my watchlist and watch whatever im in the mood for at the moment

  12. Don’t know if I’m taking the crazy pills but I’m convinced Schalke will win tomorrow

  13. Europa League still within reach

  14. Was für dicke Eier hat Thomas Reis bitte?

  15. Was für dicke Eier hat Thomas Reis bitte?


  17. we are playing so good i don’t know how to act

  18. If you’re unfamiliar with him i highly recommend checking out some of his promos on youtube. He is amazing on the mic.

  19. @KrickzZ Where would you put Return of the Living Dead on a list ? I didn’t see it

  20. haven’t seen it yet.i’ve been wanting to watch it for a while tho gonna check it out soon

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