1. De Pfeffel is a fucking idiot so if he says it’s a good idea, it’s likely not.

  2. I want a black kit and Samsung sponsor back and I swear we are better when we have long sleeve jerseys instead of the short sleeve with a thermal under

  3. Black/Silver Emirates shirts were awesome.

  4. I’d love to rejoice at the thought of the demise of the Tories.

  5. At this stage, it’s looking more and more like a fucking cull.

  6. The sense of irony is overwhelming…

  7. Now download Discovery mod and join us online :)

  8. Now that is a tempting proposition. At least (unlike Eve Online - by a country mile) the UI and controls are super friendly, much like the community it seems!

  9. Bunch of roleplay various players and communities and almost completely redisigned freelancer with new system, ships and faction but following the vanilla storty. Check forum at discoverygc.com and hit me a pm here when you join and Ill help you ingame

  10. That would be awesome! Thank you!

  11. They have the same system in Norway, but the alcohol percentage cut-off is 4.7%.

  12. Iceland would like a word. 2.5% in supermarkets here. You’d drown before you got drunk.

  13. I said shit like this would happen and was railed for daring to say Potter is not cut out for a club of this prestige.

  14. Megalomania from Sensible Software was a personal favourite on the Amiga.

  15. I can see you’ve either recently visited or still here. This damn snow lol

  16. I’m pretty fortunate that my SO is cool with it so I do it every day. As it stands, LBD, glossy black tights, black lace thong and bralette.

  17. To have a forklift license all you need to do for the official one like RTITB etc is to prove that you can safely operate the truck, the most common FLT license you would want is B1 for counterbalance, it allows you to operate up to 5 tons, I did a two week course for mine but there’s a 1 week forklift course available and all training is provided

  18. Holy crap, I took mine in Reykjavik and it was a 3 day theory course and the test consisted of two guys watching me move a pallet through the warehouse and loading it into a rack. It was done in 5 minutes. Up to 10 tons.

  19. You’re too kind. Austin Allegros.

  20. I’ve not lived in the UK for years now but met a guy visiting my country of residence, probably no more than 24, who voted for Brexit because his grandmother told him to.

  21. I guess this was down to one of her litany of successful trade agreements?

  22. TIL Britain still had a reputation

  23. It does. Just an untrustworthy, obtuse and tragically comical one.

  24. True. I've had trouble finding Worcester sauce ever since

  25. I can get that. Decent tea is difficult and I’ve given up on sausages and decent bacon.

  26. Lovesong - Snake River Conspiracy

  27. It wasn’t ever set out at any stage prior to the referendum what the trigger point for a “Win” would be. It was more a case of”Fuck it, it’s over 50%, it’s a win”.

  28. Grocery shopping is eye-wateringly expensive as is going out for a beer. That said, wages are pretty good.

  29. I remember a mate who went to work as a glacier guide in Iceland (don’t think he had any qualifications just lots of climbing experience). He got free board (shared with other guides) and food, saved 11k in a year. Sent me a pic of a £50 bottle of beer ? I think that must’ve been a lie, even heavily taxed prices wouldn’t get to that. Must’ve had gold flakes in it.

  30. A “happy hour” beer in my local is 900 ISK but goes up to 1200/1300 ISK after 7pm. While I’ve never personally seen £50 bottles of beer (around 8500 ISK) it’s not outside the realms of possibility that they exist. During my time in the Republic of Ireland I saw some specialist whiskey that was in excess of €2200 a shot.

  31. Pretty much this. We’ve lived here for approaching 7 years now and it’s only in the last couple of those that we’ve been welcomed into the fold and accepted. We put a good amount of effort into making friends here and it’s paid off.

  32. I’d rather see him sent to Russia and put on their frontline.

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