1. I wasn't keeping up with jerma for 2 days and now I feel so behind on the lore 😭😭😭

  2. basically he hijacked a plane and went on a two-day rampage where he crashed into as many buildings as possible until he was forcibly captured. rumors are he escaped containment tho

  3. I can't remember where I saw it, but I read a study that claims Jerma is actually just a collection of hamsters in a human skin-suit. I'm not sure if it's true but it definitely seems plausible.

  4. So that's why his skin wiggles around so much

  5. It' been a wild ride. I'm hoping for the best for this Community in the next coming days. It'll be a storm.

  6. Cake shirt made a return yet again from Fujimoto!

  7. Kinda like the imagery of sea world Aquariums that may be connected to certain themes.

  8. How likely is it that Sunny's dad took Mewo with him?

  9. I would have been surprised if he didn't after all the terrible things he had to go through plus all the Stress he's facing now

  10. The falling man is such a nice eerie Addition, had to look twice the first time I saw him

  11. Keepin it real to this day, props to them!

  12. Since he is in massive dept, the number should be way below 0

  13. This Looks gorgeaous! Come to think of it Chainsaw Man plushies may be canon in universe?

  14. No joke, same here and now I hope all baseball games are like that.

  15. Let that be a lesson for all future generations that follow! Don't forget this man's warning, it may cost your life and worst of all, dignity.

  16. It's like he is an evolved version of the Destiny 2 One Guy

  17. Being able to freely iterate your output just adds so much to the creative process. In Dalle2 every prompt feels like a potential failure and risk while in SD it feels more like an opportunity

  18. I found a bot in the discord, the description says it uses 4x SwinIR-L

  19. Wait, is jerma milk gonna be possible?

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