1. help? let it be? lucy in the sky? i want to hold your hand? twist & shout?? hey jude???

  2. “Having recently gone through a time of intense crisis, I now understand that I am suffering complex mental health issues and have begun ongoing treatment,” Miller says. “I want to apologize to everyone that I have alarmed and upset with my past behavior. I am committed to doing the necessary work to get back to a healthy, safe and productive stage in my life.”

  3. Uuumm did she get some face work done? Because her face is looking a little (a lot) different in this.

  4. Is there ever a changing body type trend for men?! Why are womens bodies always categorized into trends and level of desirability for the male gaze? Exhausting.

  5. technically, yes, but its perpetuated by and for men. no actually expects or wants the average guy to look like a marvel hero but women are expected to look like a winx club character at all times

  6. I mean even without the abuse having envy of another girl thats viewed as prettier or more successful or talented is entirely reasonable. Like, its a sin or whatever, but its still an entirely understandable feeling, especially if that girl in question is Ariana fucking Grande.

  7. yeaah even before we knew about her family life it was always very obvious that jennette was jealous of ariana and there wasnt really a question why. ariana is not only more talented, but prettier and more well-liked. It sucks and i always felt kinda bad for her, but thats the hand life deals you and its not anyones fault, id prob feel like shit next to ariana at that age also. all the other stuff we learned is just another sad layer, but her feelings have always been understandable

  8. I love Selena Gomez but she’s not a great actress or singer. I’m ready to get downvoted for this lol

  9. she has a likable aura but thats really it. she started out on disney so being pretty & charming makes her more than qualified. see also: Zendaya

  10. Henry Cavill 🤷‍♀️ he’s dumb as rocks on print and dating a 19 yr old at his big age was weird but the whole “he likes em young!” narrative is mostly fiction as every other woman he dates has been his age. i mean they are all awful women themselves but i dont deny he probably sucks irl too lmao. either way, I disagree with the majority that he’s a bad actor, i think he’s decent and i’ve enjoyed most of the things i’ve seen him in. also, hot take: but he’s not uncharming in interviews to me, i think he seems pleasant and even funny sometimes, i think his lack of charisma is greatly exaggerated. im a sucker for his whole “nerd” persona too. sue me!

  11. I actually think he's a very good actor. Watching something like the Witcher after watching Man From UNCLE really showcases the subtle and not-so-subtle ways he embodies very different characters.

  12. fucked up she even has to address this. only 18 has to speak publicly about a dark & humiliating time in her life.. she shouldnt have any yet! that rotten piece of shit and her useless parents are going to hell!!

  13. Where were her parents when all of this happened?!

  14. yeahhhhh I don't wanna get dragged, but I never understood the Beyonce comprisons. In terms of being an awesome performer and showman? Of course. In terms of talent? Sure in some regards. But the key thing that makes Beyonce Beyonce is her work ethic, creativity and most importantly her voice. I really have enjoyed Normani, but lets keep it real-- vocally she is not even close to Beyonce. I think a hybrid of Ciara and Rihanna would be a better examples / more realstic career aspirations for now, because with Rihanna she can't blow like Beyonce (though she got a lot better with Anti) but she can make a fucking hit and make it work with what she has. Ciara can give everyone a run for their money with dancing. That should be the goal post. You cannot be the "next" Beyonce (which will never happen btw) and not have Beyonce level vocals, I'm sorry.

  15. you’re right. the only reason theres comparisons is because they’re black girls that originated from a girl group, thats it. their time in a group doesnt even compare because normani was never the one pushed as the lead, not to mention 5h was a pop culture non factor that had very little hits or respect. I think normani and her team pushed the idea because she’s a fan and wanted her idols attention, good for her for getting it but she was never going to walk in her footsteps. beyonce isnt even a phenomenal dancer, she’s mostly known for her voice and her insane stage presence/energy, which normani has neither. even tho she never shows much personality off stage, beyonce is fantastic at connecting with the crowd. normani is a great dancer but isnt charismatic at all, no personality shines through in her performances, just technical dance skills, shes more impressive on stage than entertaining. chloe bailey will also never be beyonce, but i think as far as skill and passion she’s a better comparison

  16. what is this a photoshoot for? what is she promoting at this point?? shes so boring & lazy. im over her

  17. never was a fan of hers but a couple years back (I think around 1989 or a bit after?) i stumbled upon a “Gaylor” timeline/megalist on tumblr that was surprisingly convincing. flash forward to last year or so my sister tells me to listen to a podcast that convinced her taylor was gay and it included her new album & blind items/tea and tbh its convinced me completely now lmao. taylor is not someone i would ever suspect on my own but since its been brought to my attention it actually makes her make sense to me for some reason, like I understand her actions and image better idk. it’s certainly the most intriguing thing about her, true or not

  18. Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams - I don’t know if they are still friends but they definitely don’t seem as close. Might also just be they don’t live in the same country anymore and are in different stages of life.

  19. seeing Sophie makes me sad and yes it is 100% projection lmao we’re similar ages and I’ve watched her on GoT since s2 premiered and I just think she used to be very vibrant and fun seeming and it looked like she was going on to do new projects in hollywood but now shes only brought up in relation to her & that jonas’ family. ik she’s kind of a shitty actress but her life & career now is not what i expected. I haven’t seen maisie in awhile either but im not surprised they arent close anymore. probably not much in common

  20. Another thing that I always felt was so weird is that Kim said (I think on Oprah) that when she was 14 she told Kris that she was having sex with her boyfriend (who if I’m not mistake was 18 at the time, which isn’t a huge deal but as a mom I wouldn’t like it) and Kris just said “Okay, we’ll put you on birth control.” I get that teens will have sex and it’s best to provide protection, but that nonchalant attitude towards your 14 year old having sex just seemed so bizarre for some reason.

  21. i think an 18 year old having a sexual relationship with a 14 year old is a pretty big deal and im not even super rigid when it comes to acceptable age gaps, but that’s v inappropriate & concerning. 14 is practically a child and 18 is technically an adult

  22. She was 16 and they openly talk about it, Kylie often refers to Khloe on her ig posts as her “second mom”

  23. And "fans" being disappointed dragging her online? Who the f people think they are? That they own people? The disassociation some people have Between human being and their mental health and "ownership" because they happen to try to make music and build a career they love it is crazy and worrying.

  24. if theyre delaying the release then she can just say that. the ominous “soons” are just baiting at this point. please name me another professional where someone can finish their work just anytime they feel like it. if she loves music so much she sure doesnt show it often

  25. You all are talking about a girl who went through hell mentally with the growth of Fifth Harmony. You are all truly inhuman towards artist who are going through a lot of stuff mentally because this society it's so shitty towards humans. Even if those people are creating music. People just wants more more more more more more more more more more more more. It's an infinity circle. There are like 4848839395 amazing artist out there to listen to as well. Instead of wanting to destroy one girl because she takes her time to make music plus dealing with her own personal traumas. Since she was underage being on TV.

  26. then she should switch career lanes. nobodys trying to destroy her, but if you promise something for years people are going to get frustrated when it never arrives. celebs are the only people who arent expected to do their jobs consistently or competently

  27. but ur on social media now, wouldnt it be a lot to remove a part of ur life that ur already so used to? Its not really fair to expect celebs to not be on social media (im not saying you said that but im saying generally speaking)

  28. ia tbh i think thats such an unfair take. why are they not allowed on sm but we are lol they act like clowns but so do the majority of people on the internet. its very controlling & hypocritical

  29. They didnt say "celebs cant be on social" they said they personally woudnt be on social if they were a celeb.

  30. Ok I have to say it because it doesn’t look like anyone else did. While clearly she’s got a lot of work done, some of the difference in these two photos looks like a classic case of two very different lenses. The one on the right looks like it was taken with the front camera of an iPhone. The one on the left was probably taken with a professional camera. The lenses on those will have very different settings that produce very different perspectives.

  31. yeah, she obvs looks different in general but these are bad comparisons. the focal length on the right is distorting the features majorly, not to mention im sure its facetuned as well

  32. Wouldn’t it be Timothée or Tom Holland. I know they’re technically Zillenials/Millenials depending on who you ask, but their fanbase is largely made up of gen z-ers

  33. gen z doesnt have a leading man yet, but the closest would be timothee and I could see him becoming the official one eventually. Tom’s only known as spiderman but it does seem like he’s gunning for that title w/ uncharted. ones got more indie/drama success and the other is more blockbuster. both are better fits than jacob tho lol

  34. As a cinephile (that’s what got me started on deuxmoi lol) I kinda also understand his side about not liking the film. The type of films he shares are really some period pieces which I think he is aiming for; like, to act in important stuff which will stand the test of time. I kinda get why he’d see The Kissing Booth as silly and be annoyed by it on some level, and also don’t understand why he’s getting flack for it while RPatts dragged the whole Twilight franchise so. many. times. but people excuse him because ‘indeed he did it to jumpstart his career, but now he plays in big important films and artsy indies’. Perhaps that’s what Elordi envisioned as well but he’s being draggeddd for it sometimes lmao. Idk, i’m somewhat impartial to him or his acting although I got to know a few things about him from Euphoria. What phases me out about him tho, are the rumors about him & Zendaya (&the alleged cheating). Like, I get it dude, if you want to go the RPatts way it’ll take some time and some heavy lifting. But if he tried to climb that ladder faster by dumping one Hollywood starlet after the other, that’s just, not the way to do it sir.

  35. rob was an ass too but at least he was a funny one. jacob is just so whiny and ungrateful like we get it

  36. he is an embarrassing tryhard. it makes for entertaining interviews but he is not being misunderstood. dudes a whiny snob and thats never endearing

  37. Irene. She’s bland in pics but her beauty really shines in motion. I dont think yoona is pretty at all. whoever did her jaw surgery should be locked up

  38. havent listened to renaissance yet but i think her celebrity will outlast her music tbh

  39. the only correct answer. just bring the character to life & connect to the audience. if acting & character work is a passion then this should be easy

  40. Cheers buddy. That’s true. Have the imagination of a child. This will help the story and the character, the acting will tend to itself, if you make the effort to tell the story and empathise with the character, the rest is easy.

  41. exactly! its less complicated than some try to make it out to be. you gotta just do it to start. i dont think thinking and analyzing helps too much in actings case. just gotta understand your character and feel it out

  42. Re: EDs, Alexa Nikolas (Zoey 101) said it wasn't just Schneider, it was the whole culture at Nickelodeon. They would especially praise the girls if they lost weight and went down a size or more. Grown ass men, women, both.

  43. huh, I wonder if thats why josh peck dropped so much weight from the first season to the last. obvs he would face a lot of pressure either way, but Drake was also really skinny

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