1. Sorry bout this, but could I also have some snacks?

  2. gestures to table of delicious snacks

  3. Every time this gets reposted (and it’s a LOT) it gives me a sad smile.

  4. Woah…I can’t express how impressive this is.

  5. Cream pied with that sweet Bone Marrow…

  6. Why are we glorifying this pedophile? No, thank you.

  7. Huh? Says who?? Was there an actual case or verdict??

  8. The mom looks horrified but she's enjoying every second 😂

  9. Yeah, they’re going to have to wring a couple pints of juice outta that cushion all the same.

  10. Hysterical Literature are videos where women try their best to maintain their composure & accurately read passages from books while being increasingly teased while on a Sybian.

  11. I’m not hating, I’m trying to educate you but I see it’s fallen on deaf ears. Maybe you’ll learn one day.

  12. Korea is apparently very good at having things come completely out of nowhere and take the world by storm in the span of about 48 hours. See also: Gangnam Style.

  13. See also Netflix: Extraordinary Attorney Woo

  14. If you use Apple Music, just rip your CDs or get the MP3s elsewhere and then add them to your icloud library.

  15. I don’t own the CD’s unfortunately. I managed to get it & more but I had to cave & subscribe to YT to get it.

  16. A lot. We’re a very huggie nation!

  17. The Happening. People think of it and picture the Mark Wahlberg standing in a field scene but the opening of the movie is incredible. It does tail off and end sucks but overall I really enjoy the movie and watch it every couple of years

  18. Yeah I completely agree with you about the beginning. Those first few minutes were simply horrific perfection.

  19. The fact you think it's a pyramid scheme or that it has anything to do with money shows your ignorance

  20. Those ‘stupid 8-bit pictures’ are free you moron. Free. You get that?

  21. If only it wasn’t in constant pain

  22. Yeah Canadian here. I also pronounce it aitch. I guess it comes out a bit softer than when the Brits say it, but I literally can't spell it another way.

  23. How did you get a picture w/ Robert in the makeup? I didn’t think he put that on anymore except for extremely special circumstances. I’m very jealous. I’m not one for celebrity photos whatsoever normally... but I’d kill for this.

  24. I absolutely second this. On top of that, it’s my absolute fav rendition of makeup!

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