1. Almost finished reading this book at the moment and enjoying it! Not sure why people scare others away. I started with The Player of Games first and this is more or less just as good.

  2. It's possibly because Consider Phlebas is a subversion of the space opera genre. I can't really say much more without massive spoilers, but Banks introduces the reader to The Culture through the eyes of a staunch opponent, commenting on the complexity of war, people, their motives and the futility of it all. I wonder if some readers just don't understand?

  3. I just couldn’t get into it couldn’t really say why idk it just never grabbed me. I read 2 and 3 liked them then dnf 1 around halfway, then read Surface Detail and liked it a lot.

  4. Funny, I suppose we all have different tastes. Surface detail was my least favourite, I think. It seemed really forced.

  5. Yes two months is too early. I'm 3 months in and it would still be way too early, despite everything being perfect. And the withdrawal behaviour is a worry. I would be seriously rethinking this relationship.

  6. Tricia Sullivan "Double Vision". Not too long, imperfect woman as narrator, I loved it.

  7. I've done it. I don't really care about pictures "getting out there" because who the hell wants to see my pics when there are literally billions of images out there already?

  8. Sounds like someone is playing Jak and Daxter in the background?

  9. Hmmm. Is the divorce going to happen? And physical intimacy is important so it would depend on the small print.

  10. I wish I could read House of Suns the first time again

  11. Every time I see promotional material for old Dr. Who stuff I am puzzled by its cultural impact. Like, British nerds in the '70s thought this was just the coolest imaginable shit

  12. This guy is a piece of work. Be thankful you discovered it now. There is nothing wrong with you, stop that negative thinking.

  13. This: "Love doesn't just sit there, like a stone, it has to be made, like bread; remade all the time, made new."

  14. Go by publication. The earlier stuff is good, whichever series - Polity or Spatterjay. The Skinner was my first and I loved it, closely followed by Gridlinked. Cowl is also really good.

  15. Ask them. Give them a choice. They need to feel like they have some agency. If they don't want to, respect their wishes. They will come around in time.

  16. I'm cleaning my house because bf is coming over for the first time tomorrow. This is a big deal for me as he'll meet my kids (in their 20's but still with me right now).

  17. It's preferred by some. My ex wanted this, with only occasional Saturday over-nights at his. He made excuses for not doing week night stay-overs or staying at mine though it's bigger than his house. Keeping our lives separate was fine for the first year+. I got fed up packing an overnight bag for me and my dog, including her bed, and rushing my weekend chores took its toll on my spirit, house and garden.

  18. I feel you. I've only been doing weekends for three months and already it's killing me. Everything is neglected and I am so stressed in the week trying to get everything done after work. By the time I get to his I am exhausted.

  19. Kurtwood Smith really shined in that whole ep- even Chakotay was used well

  20. Agreed I can't think of a single thing wrong. Voyager perfection.

  21. Not seeing the relevance of this personal piece of information, in relation to his question. I think that's his own business.

  22. It is his business and he was free not to answer, but I was curious, too. Now the OP makes a lot more sense.

  23. I don't drink but I wouldn't insist on dinner. Does she have other traits that you really admire? I don't see much here to send your time and money on. And she ghosted you before? That would be a hard pass if there was no apology or explanation.

  24. I prefer using Telegram as I have control over what is posted there, and I can delete whatever I want for both ends of the conversation. That being said, I only move there when I have a date arranged, and I am reasonably certain that I like this person. I have moved to Telegram once in the last 3 years. 11 weeks later, we are still together and there's no sign of it ending anytime soon.

  25. Still trying to finish this book. Not that cover, unfortunately.

  26. Idk, i can't seem to get through it. It's ok. I loved Pavane. One day I'll manage it!

  27. I've never read any of the Pern books written by Anne McCaffrey's son, for the same reason I've never read any of the Dune books written by Frank Herbert's son. They're never going to be of the same quality.

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