1. I'd say it's customary to leave recruiters on read

  2. VITA was a great experience helping real people and learning. Having a basic tax knowledge base is always useful if for nothing else then for your own benefit. Plus, it helped a little with REG

  3. Can you reapply? It really comes down to that. Will the system allow you to reapply for your desired exam? Probably not, but worth checking. I couldn't reapply until a day or so after failing an exam.

  4. Yes, if you don't make a celebratory post personally thanking the CEO of the company then your offer is automatically revoked.

  5. Felt shitty about my REG 74 for the day of the score release. Applied for a new NTS at the next available opportunity. Studied for about two weeks. 82 REG. Felt very satisfying and proud.

  6. Did you feel that way when you walked out when you got the 82?

  7. I felt much better coming out of the 82 exam. The subject matter being tested were areas I felt more confident on. The 74 exam I really felt like it could go either way.

  8. Appointments are greatly preferred. They’re great, schedule an appointment with Anthony.

  9. Anthony's the best! But he's not working there anymore, unfortunately.

  10. The title could've just been the body of your post, but that's not important.

  11. It's a good idea to keep your pens, that's about it.

  12. Sorry, I meant to include gluten-free restaurants. I have gluten allergy and will be around the area for work.

  13. No worries. I'm very mindful that a place advertising itself as "gluten free" does not mean no cross-contamination. I've always had a good experience with &Pizza. They offer a gluten free crust. When you say it's for an allergy they change their gloves and wipe everything down.

  14. Do they cook the GF pizzas on a tray, or in a dedicated oven?

  15. Same oven, but each pizza gets an individual tray that's used once before being washed. My girlfriend who has a gluten allergy has never had a problem there. I believe they also have dedicated pizza cutters for gluten-free as well.

  16. How bad would it be to you if the company laid you off tomorrow? That's a question the company will never ask itself. Do whatever works best for you.

  17. So let's say my job's paychecks are good for 90 days - can I take all of my October, November, December paychecks, and wait to cash them until January, thus meaning I made the income in the following year, and therefore my tax liability is reduced by 25%?

  18. Or put another way, if a person worked December 11-24th this year, and gets a pay check on the 30th but doesn't cash it until January 3rd. I assume that that the date of check issuance is used for tax purposes right? or does it go all the way back to the pay period? ie if you moved it up a week ie working 18-31 of December and get paid the 6th of January, that would go in 2023 taxes right?

  19. When to recognize payment for work performed in advance would be dependent upon accounting method.

  20. For tax purposes, a check issued to you in Year 1 but cashed in Year 2 is considered to have been received in Year 1. This is known as "constructive receipt."

  21. Unless someone else is paying for Becker, I'd hold off on putting out that expense yourself. Most firms will pay for it. If you are going to study for the CPA while a full time student, definitely prioritize your actual classes. I feel like studying January-May full time, while studying intermittently during your last semester, is a reasonable timeline for passing two sections. I'd agree with you and others in that FAR and then maybe REG would be good options to focus on.

  22. I use the lowest possible belt for the throughput I need, but this is purely because I love watching a packed belt move goods. Super fast belts with lots of gaps just look weird to me.

  23. Avoid this subreddit until you finish your journey. It will be tempting to seek out the answers to your questions, but finding them yourself will be much better. However, please do come back and tell us all about your adventure when it's over. 😁

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