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  1. Turning this off stops you from being able to message premium short codes with or without your permission

  2. I’d take it but not in an adaptation of the game. Adaptations of video games are typically not very good. An in universe spinoff with him doing a cameo as Arthur would be alright.

  3. Seeing as they used male and female, and not man and woman, I believe they are referring to sex, which is not the same as gender, so it depends on what you were assigned at birth.

  4. I like this one. I love how it isn’t another “oh they will visit you kill yourself if you see something” and instead the things are actually good and they just can’t always tell who’s who

  5. Wrinkles are normally a sign of dehydration, try to get dragons some more water into him. Even just watering his greens before feeding them to him would help

  6. Read up on ReptiFiles! It’s the best care guide to go by exclusively. But experience is the best way to learn

  7. People who think because female characters are becoming main characters over other male ones ( Sylvie, Jane foster, Kate Bishop, ect)

  8. Jane foster isn’t gonna take over Thor, I can see both being there, but you can’t lose Chris hemsworth.

  9. I want a team made up of Wong, Korg, Luis and Jim

  10. Eddie’s been held back for around 3 years, so naturally he looks older than everyone. For the hanging out with Chrissy in middle school part, it’s possible depending when it starts where they live

  11. I’m not experienced with the breeding process, but I do understand the finances of it.

  12. Yellow is my favourite. I love the colour on the blade, and the sentinels and temple guards are awesome

  13. I agree. Unfortunately i can not afford full tile for the cages due to being a small rescue

  14. I’d honestly use paper towels then. It doesn’t look great, but it’s still so much better

  15. A metronome is a small machine that creates a ticking sound to a beat you set

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