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Did somebody say 'Murica?


When you come across a feel-good thing.

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  1. It also struck me as being really similar to an old comic short story published in Weird Science called 50 Girls 50. About this guy on a sleeper ship with 50 men and women. Has himself thaw early. Then has his pick of 50 women to choose from to thaw out with a sob story of malfunctioning sleeper chambers and then seduce them. After he gets tired of the first and murders her, he goes onto the second who betrays and murders him. As he was dying he was thinking to himself she's in for a surprise when she finds out the first thing he did when altering the sleeper chambers was to make sure the other men never wake up.

  2. She beats him in private if she slaps him in public.

  3. He must put oranges on him so he doesn't get shot.

  4. The North remembers. We know no Queen, but the Queen in the North!

  5. 14 hour shifts. No bathroom breaks. 30 minute break at 1:30pm and patients will complain to corporate about it. No chairs, only standing. Graded on metrics like how quickly you can get off the phone with a physician. Oh and if you get fired within the next 2 years, you owe walgreens all the bonus cash they gave you. Sound like a good deal?

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