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How to escape quicksand

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  1. I went through literally every comment and didn't find it. I feel as played as that old man, 60 years of my life have been wasted

  2. As a person who also has a big forehead; some people just need bangs.

  3. No you can definitely be super pretty with a big forehead, it's one of those insecurities that make no sense

  4. my family loves gifting me minion shit because they know how much I hate them 😭

  5. So happy for you! Im moving in 2 months and it feels like eternity, but at least there's a light at the end of the tunnel

  6. I have literally seen a guy die trying to make a quicksand escape video using this info. It is a HARROWING video.

  7. Shit... I couldn't watch the whole thing but he definitely didn't use the technique shown in this video

  8. Girls don't really do that becaude guys will like it, they do it because they like it themselves. On a side note, i am a girl and i don't like fake or super long nails on myself but if others wanna do it then whatever

  9. Why was this so hard? Lmao 30 seconds felt like an infinite amount of time? Or did i do it too hard? Lol

  10. It doesn't have to be for exactly 30 seconds...Do whatever amount to release the tension. Your ability to contract for longer will improve the more you practice.

  11. You pretend you love yourself but on the inside you hate yourself (i love entjs sorry i can't be too mean) Also you avoid feelings so much that they just bottle up inside of you and then you explode and hurt people

  12. INFP. Roast me without using the crybaby/overly emotional stereotype. Gotta make it a challenge 😆

  13. When will you stop victimizing and think the world is against you? Also, learn to love yourself, it's annoying for other people

  14. Its so annoying how she keeps saying "we" all the time, speaking for him. Plus he asked if they're not getting a divorce, he was doubting it too. Damn

  15. If they were truly comfortable in their marriage, they’d be able to say “Yah, we just bicker. That’s how we operate” instead of changing their behavior to please their listeners.

  16. Exactly my thoughts, "we are going to be more mindful" like that just means they're gonna try to not project how much they hate each other publicly

  17. It’s sad. You can visibly see how the stress has impacted them. They looked so vibrant and were looking at one another lovingly in episode 1. Now they can’t even pretend they aren’t both full of resentment. Someone in their life clearly lurks here so I hope they see this post. The transformation is chilling

  18. jello. i have spent FAR too much time in a hospital as a child. according to my mother jello was basically all i could eat. since i got out, its been my only culinary hate. taste, texture, just, nope.

  19. I literally don't understand why people like it, except for creamy carrot jello. That's the only good one

  20. It's so good, seriously. It's the only one i tolerate and not only that, i love it

  21. This is such crap. I don’t look disabled. I’m disabled. I have to use the rails in the disabled restroom. It’s none of her business.

  22. Ok then you could just clarify that you do have a disability and you do need to use it. And it's so true that a lot of people who shouldn't use them, use them. And this woman didn't say she was disabled

  23. For like a year I was scared taking showers because I thought her head would appear in the corner of the room

  24. I was so afraid that i was gonna be washing my hair and suddenly feel her hair in my head

  25. I don't think it would work either cause she's technically not self harming in the videos

  26. Fuck that—go big. Get that tongue in there and move it around like a toilet brush. That’s how you make an impression.

  27. Honestly no, nobody I've even met likes that, it's way better if it's subtle

  28. Cassie fucking Nate isn't the only thing. My God you people are so fucking dense! Cassie has severe abandonment issues, self esteem issues, and has been sexualized by everyone around her from an extremely young age! A majority of Cassie's problems in the show stem from her father abandoning them, which also resulted in Cassie's need for male validation. Yes what Cassie did was fucked up and inexcusable, and all we're saying is that Cassie's actions here are the result of unchecked, sever trauma. Why does the fandom have such a hate boner for Cassie when what she did pales in comparison to the actions of Fezco or Maddy?

  29. And her MOM doesn't do anything to help her! She is so neglected, no wonder she's like that

  30. Why for her sister? I think it’s the other way around. Cassie did nothing wrong to Lexi until she decided to air out all of Cassie’s dirty laundry to the world (tf was the point of the carousel scene in the play other than to humiliate her?). Lexi is so wrong for that, Cassie did a lot of wrong things but I am team Cassie on this part, she didn’t do anything to Lexi. Just because you’re jealous of someone doesn’t mean you get to humiliate them

  31. Yeah i hate that everyone thinks lexie is an innocent cutie pie who wouldn't hurt a fly and cassie is a bitch that deserves all the humiliation. What lexie did was only for attention, and it worked, i don't like lexie and all the lack of empathy that cassie gets

  32. I'm so happy there are more people saying winky thatn i thought there were gonna be

  33. Additionally very large penises can hurt the woman, so the man can never fully... sheathe. So yeah people are being real when they say size isn't everything

  34. Yesss i hate big dicks, idk who ever made it a turn on cause they suck in the bad way

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